Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sickness has plagued my family since January. During the first 11 weeks of this year, four of my family members were admitted to different hospitals.

In January, my mom was admitted to the University of Santo Tomas hospital in Manila for a Modified Radical Mastectomy of her left breast. She was diagnosed to have Stage III-C Breast Cancer at the time of her surgery.

Early February, my husband was admitted to The Medical City hospital in Ortigas because of extreme pain in his lower back. My husband has been diagnosed with lumbar stenosis and scoliosis years ago and that is the cause of  his chronic back pain. 

On the 3rd week of February, my niece suffered from acute gastroenteritis and was admitted to the National Kidney Institute in Quezon City.

The first week of March had my sister admitted to the WorldCiti Medical Center in Quezon City because of Hypokalemia and Hypocalcemia, probably brought about by stress and in part as a result of her Thyroidectomy in mid-2017.

Well you would think everything is fine now, but, unfortunately, we are still seeing family members getting ill. My mom's disease progressed to Stage IV Breast Cancer, with bone metastasis in her hip. My husband's lower back pain has not disappeared, although it is now being managed by opioid analgesics. My niece recently suffered from sore throat, and since her kidneys are not fully functioning (as a result of Glomerulonephritis three years ago), she showed signs of edema in her legs and around her eyes. 

The most recent "victim" was my grandson. He was admitted to the WorldCiti Medical Center because spiking fever and diarrhea. We feared it might be Dengue Fever but all screening tests and  blood profile tests showed a negative result for the disease (thank God!). The diarrhea led to dehydration so starting an IV line was a must. The initial diagnosis was Acute Gastroenteritis with dehydration fever, but then it turned out that he had a bad sore throat too. My grandson stayed in the hospital for 4 days. 

WorldCiti Medical Center is only a kilometer (1.6 miles) from home so it is our "emergency hospital" because of its proximity. I was surprised to see the renovations done on the entire 7th floor which is now the Pediatrics floor.  It is very child-friendly with bright painted walls, a reading nook, themed private rooms and strollers that are actually huge plastic toy cars! 

Here are the photos I took of the Pediatric Floor of the World Citi Medical Center:

His room and bed for the next 4 days

Private Room # 703 - his home for 4 days

The hallway and strollers

A comfy couch of the reading nook beside the bookshelf

Lots of kid-friendly books you can borrow

The nurses' station

The elevator lobby
Trying out the toy cars. It is a little difficult with an IV line attached.

Killing time by learning to draw

Yay! IV line gone. He's coming home!
I would like to thank WorldCiti Hospital for the excellent care they've provided. I would also like to express my gratitude to my grandson's wonderful and kind pediatrician, Dr. Arlene Dy-Co and to all the Pediatric nurses who were very caring and patient with my grandson, despite his ear-drum breaking screams every time they enter his room. 

I ask you, my dear readers, to please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. May we survive the rest of this year with no more hospital confinements. 

For God's Grace, I pray. 

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. The opinions are 100% my own and based on my grandson's recent confinement in this hospital.


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