Thursday, June 21, 2018

Splashing For Joy With These Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to renovating certain rooms in your home, we can all agree that there are perhaps two main rooms in the home that can add the most value and have the biggest impact. The kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen is definitely one of those rooms in your home that are expensive to completely renovate, whereas the bathroom, albeit can be pricey, can be done more at a more reasonable price and can still make a big difference to how you feel in your home. So I thought I would share with you some of the ideas you can take on board to makeover your bathroom. 

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Think about going the whole hog 

If you are serious about making over your bathroom then you could go the whole hog and replace it in its entirety. A new bathrooms suite can add a huge amount of value and it also gives you the chance tomaybe rearrange the layout and floor plan to best suit the space you have. Or to add in added features like a standalone shower or roll top bath perhaps. However, when it comes to big jobs like this to avoid any issues with pipes it might be advisable to seek the help of local plumbers to ensure that the work carried out is correct and won’t cause future problems. 

Could you have an eco-friendly focus?

Maybe you like the idea of having a more nerdy efficient approach to your home and your bathroom can actually be a huge part of that. You could consider installing low flow toilets and shower units to ensure that you don’t waste as much water each time you use the appliance. Also things like motion sensor faucets can ensure that taps don’t get left on any longer than they need to be. Even changing the bulbs can make a big difference to how green your bathroom is. 

Maybe you want budget friendly changes 

Sometimes we just don't have the budget to do everything we want to do in our homes, and I understand that. So there are more budget friendly changes you can make to ensure that you get the makeover you want. Painting is a great way to change how a room looks and feels, and it can make a massive impression on anyone who hasn’t seen your bathroom for a while. A change of color scheme could also be achieved through changing accessories and even as simple as changing the color of your towels. 

Changing one area could make a huge difference 

Finally, just changing one thing in your bathroom could make the big difference in terms of looks and it can much be cheaper than replacing the whole bathroom. It could be as simple as changing the flooring, or lowering the ceiling so that you can install modern spotlights. Maybe it is adding new tiles to the floor or to the walls to make your current bathroom suite feel a little more indulgent. 

Let’s hope some of these ideas have you splashing for joy when it comes to changing your bathroom.


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