Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Create Your Own English Country Garden Anywhere

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English country gardens are renowned for being beautiful, sophisticated and positively blooming. They are the gold standard up to which other gardens should be measured. Best of all, you don’t even have to be English or live in England to have your own English country garden!

Wherever you may be, you can enjoy the singing if the birds, the buzzing of bees and the aroma of beautiful blooms in your own slice of England. Here’s how:

Keep Your Plant Choices Classic

It’s fair to say that the English country garden is pretty traditional and this is no more evident in the choice of plants that you will find there. Roses, primroses, daisies, and wisteria are amongst the most common English country garden choices. So, keep it simple and classic, but bring in as many colors and aromas as you can if you want to get off to a brilliant start.

Wisteria Up the Wall

While we’re on the subject of wisteria, if you happen to have a brick wall, there can be nothing more traditional English country garden than allowing wisteria or ivy to climb it’s way up the wall, adding some extra green and making the outdoor space look even more beautiful.

Don’t Forget the Fountain

Go to any big English country garden estate, and you are sure to see at least one water feature like the fountains at gardenfountains.com. That means that if you want your garden to be authentic, you’ll need to install a fountain too. The bigger and more ornate it is the better! It’ll bring some much-needed tranquility to the garden.

Manicured Hedges and Topiary

English country gardens are most often lined by extremely precisely manicured hedges or shrubbery rather than lots of fences and walls because hedges are more natural and actively enhance the beauty of the garden. Not only that, but you will typically see interesting topiary shapes and sculptures somewhere on the grounds too. You know what you need to do!

Mature Trees

England has a lot of trees, and many of them are very old indeed. They are the English country garden’s protector and main source of decoration. So, don’t be afraid to bring in lots of mature trees, like the ones at https://berylwoodtreefarm.com/ and use them to line your garden alongside the hedges or as a feature in their own right. Pear trees, apple trees, cherry blossom, and oaks are great for getting the right feel, but any tree that is old and majestic and which will thrive in your garden will be fine.

Wonderful Wildflowers

Although English country gardens are pretty formal for the most part, many gardeners allow a small area of the garden to get a little wilder. You could let the grass grow long, and the trees grow freely to achieve this look, but planting wildflowers and allowing them to flourish in all their bright, bold beauty is probably a better idea, not only because they are more beautiful but also because they attract birds, bees butterflies, and frogs which are so much fun to watch.

Add all of these elements and your garden will look like it’s just been transported from England to your property for sure.


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