Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just leave your garden and it would always look fabulous? You wouldn’t have to lift a finger in it but it would always be perfect for you to sit in and enjoy all of the brilliant weather in summer. Unfortunately, though, a no-hassle garden is something of a dream. There is always going to be some work that needs doing out there, which can be a bit of a pain for those homeowners who just can’t be bothered with their outdoor areas.

Don’t worry if you are a bit of a lazy gardener, though. You don’t have to spend hours out in your garden to keep it looking ship shape. Here are some very easy garden maintenance tips that can keep your garden perfect with only minimum attention.

Switch Your Garden Fences

Even though you may not realize it at first, garden fences require quite a bit of maintenance. That’s because you need to keep them protected from the elements. So, if you don’t fancy spending a couple of days twice a year painting your wooden fences, you might want to swap them for fences made out of easy-to-maintain materials. One idea is to add composite wood fence panels to your garden borders. These require little painting and are much easier to maintain than traditional wooden fences.

Attract Wildlife

Don’t want to do all the hard work out in the garden? If not, you should get all of the wildlife out there to do it for you! Attracting wildlife into your garden by adding food for the birds and bee-friendly plants is such a great idea. Birds often carry in seeds, which will end up in your flower beds and growing into all kinds of plants. That will save you sowing seeds yourself. Similarly, bees pollinate flowers to help them grow, so you won’t have to use fertilizers so often.

Plant Flowers That Don’t Need Much Attention

There are some plants that require a lot of attention from gardeners. They will need a lot of watering and feeding, for instance. So, as you can probably tell, if you plant these in your garden, you will need to do a lot of work to keep them healthy and looking good. Thankfully, there are also lots of plants that need minimal help. These are perfect for lazy gardeners, as you can plant them and leave them for long periods of time.

Turn Lawn Into A Patio

Are you getting sick of needing to mow your lawn so often? During the summer months, you should mow it once a week, which is too much for some people. There is a way around this - just replace your lawn with a patio or decking area. That way, you won’t have any grass in your garden that needs to be mowed.

As you can see, even the laziest of gardeners can create a garden that they can enjoy. And it won’t involve too much hard work for you at all!


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