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Looking for Alaska: Visiting the Last Frontier

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Each and every American state has its own culture, quirks, pros, and cons. But for the main tourist or traveler hotspots, we know exactly what to expect. For New York, we envisage hustle and bustle, Central Park, museums, art galleries, hot dogs, huge pizza slices, and Times Square. If we consider visiting Miami, we expect white sand beaches and a Cuban influence. When it comes to Nashville, we know we’re going to bump into people playing instruments and an onslaught of cowboy boots. But how about visiting somewhere a little less predictable? Somewhere that really can give you some adventure and escape. If this speaks out to you, it’s time to start planning a trip to Alaska, the Last Frontier. Here’s everything you need to know to plan your trip to the full.


If you were to ask an Alaskan what seasons the state experiences, they’d probably reply “winter, June, July, and August”, tongue in cheek. It rings true that for most of the year, Alaska is biting cold. But you do need to pack to be prepared for anything. Weather and daylight hours vary greatly by region and season. It’s ideal to dress in layers during your stay, so you can easily shed to cool off, or add to warm up.

Where to Stay

Many of us try to skimp out when it comes to accommodation. We consider that we’re merely resting our head for the night in the chosen place and will spend the rest of our time out of doors. While this may work for a lot of places, you’re likely to return to your accommodation tired, weary, and in need of comfort and good rest after a full day out in the Alaskan climes. So choose somewhere with cozy rooms and high-quality facilities, such as Anchorage Marriott

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Things to Do

Now, the best experiences in Alaska tend to be outdoors and active. The state offers such beautiful landscape and scenery that it would be a crying shame to miss out on it. Here are some of the most stunning and immersive experiences to be had!

The Northern Lights

Believe it or not, you can indeed see the Northern Lights from Alaska! Many people travel hundreds of thousands of miles to places such as Iceland to see them when they’re available much closer to home. Take a Chena Hot Springs tour at the same time to pair the Aurora Borealis with spa treatments.

Mendenhall Glacier Canoe Paddle and Trek

For the more active amongst us, why not take a six and a half hour combination adventure starting from Juneau? Jumping into a canoe, you can look forward to paddling around stunning blue icebergs, cliffs, and astounding waterfalls. Once you reach Mendenhall Glacier, you can grab your trekking poles and hike through some of the state’s best scenery.

Alaska may be one of the lowest populated states, but for a long weekend or extended getaway, it can prove the most accommodating and enjoyable place you could imagine!

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