Monday, January 1, 2018

Yes, I Was

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The sun has set on the first day of the new year. 

I look back on the year that passed. I pause and reminisce about the nice things, and the not so nice things. I have been blessed to have a fairly good 2017. I stayed relatively healthy, except for a bad cold around Christmas-time. I had great opportunities to earn and keep my finances afloat. 

I went back re-read my article, "My Word For the Year." I wanted to know if I did fulfill it and if I gave meaning to my chosen word, which was "BE."

After looking back on the events that happened this past year, I can confidently say that yes, I WAS. 

I WAS steadfast in my beliefs and bravely spoke my mind.

I WAS patient and I persevered until I achieved my goals.

I WAS depressed at times, but survived in the Grace of God. 

I WAS tired but grateful for the fruits of my labor.

I WAS loving and thankful for the love I received in return.

I WAS worried and fearful but I kept my faith.

I WAS blessed with friends who offered help even if I never expected them to.

I WAS always happy to have my family with me.

A year ago, I promised myself that I will BE.

Today, I am thankful that I WAS. 


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