Thursday, December 14, 2017

Make Your Modern Home Feel More Rustic

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Want to add some country house character to your urban home? There are lots of ways to renovate your property to make it more rustic. Here are just a few ideas to consider.

Strip back the carpets

A simple way of making your home more rustic could simply be to strip the carpets away and show off the wooden floor below. Wooden flooring is easy to clean and is essential for adding that natural feel. Make sure that this wood is properly sealed to stop it from staining and getting damaged.  If you don’t like the floorboards below it’s possible to add some drop-fit wooden flooring over the top – this is cheap and easy to fit oneself.

Add some stone

Another earthy material found in many country homes is stone. There are lots of ways of adding stone textures to your home from granite countertops to ceramic flooring. Stone can sometimes be expensive – particularly the likes of marble and granite. There are lots of faux-stone materials on the market that can look the part, whilst costing much less. It’s worth looking into the properties of different types of stone as some are more resistant to scratching and stains.

Still, using stone to make your modern home feel more rustic requires some maintenance. After all, natural elements get very dirty and start to look unclean and messy. Rustic is one thing, yet you must strike a balance between neat and charming. After all, a contemporary vibe is just as crucial as a rustic feel. Disinfecting solutions are perfect for the job since they’re efficient and easy to use. A quick spray of the fluid and a wipe down with a cloth and the stone will gleam while retaining its rugged properties. 

Contrast tech with wood

Gadgets and electronic items could be taking away from the rustic feel that you’re after. Find ways of offsetting these with earthy materials like timber. Wooden TV stands can be great for contrasting modern televisions. You could even consider wood panelled gadgets such as wooden speakers and wooden radios.

Consider a wood panelled wall

Wood panelling can also be used on walls. This can help to create a cosy log cabin feel. You may not want to cover all the wall with wood panels, however a single feature could look pretty in a living room or dining room.

Add comfort with fur

For making your home more cosy, try using more fur. Shaggy rugs and throws can be great additions to a living room or bedroom. You don’t have to use real fur – there are lots of artificial fur substitutes on the market that are just as snug in texture. Fur can be difficult to clean so bear this in mind.

Use DIY storage methods

Try using alternative storage methods for hiding clutter. Wicker baskets can be a great rustic storage solution for storing shoes or DVDs or clothes. Mason jars meanwhile can be used as storage containers for wooden spoons and spatulas in the kitchen or be used to hold sugar or teabags. You may be able to think up an improvised storage solution yourself.

Light some candles

Candles can be a great earthy alternative to electric lighting, ideal for the evenings. Consider placing a few candles around the house on mantelpieces and tables. You can even place candles in lanterns and hang them around the house. If you’re using scented candles, try to use natural smells that reinforce the rustic feel.


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