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With the holiday season in full swing; you’ll probably be spending plenty of time with your family and loved ones. There’ll be baking to do, presents to wrap, and an exciting Christmas day to look forward to, as you all get to give gifts, eat together, and enjoy the celebrations. It’s easy to over-indulge over the festive period, and, why wouldn’t you when there’s all that delicious food you’ve made. Before you know it; the new year will have rolled around, the decorations will have come down, and you might be feeling a little sad that’s it’s all over, and you may not feel as healthy as you perhaps did before all of the festivities. Therefore, what better time than now, to start planning a getaway with your family in the new year, with a focus on enjoying the great outdoors.

Organizing a family trip, where you can all escape the humdrum of January life for a weekend or more, will be the perfect chance to blow away the cobwebs, breathe in plenty of crisp,fresh air, and continue spending quality time with your favorite people. Better yet; it’ll be a chance to get back on track regarding a healthy routine and lifestyle full of activities and exercise. A positive start to the new year will be an excellent way to kick off 2018, and you’ll get to share the experience with your closest family members. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and tips for those who want to get together with their loved ones in the new year and escape to great outdoors as a family for a while. 

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Get The Right Kit

Whatever level of exercise and activity you want to pursue with your family; you’ll need to ensure that you’re all wrapped up in the right gear. There’s no better time to pop a few, last-minute items on your, or their, Christmas lists, or perhaps; leave it until the new year to gather together what you need. Sites like https://www.dontpayfull.com/at/rei.com are full of vouchers and offers for clothing and accessories geared towards hiking and the outdoors, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on anyone. As long as each family member has a warm and water-resistant coat, decent footwear, and a bag for their belongings; you’ll be well on your way to enjoying all that fresh air in comfort. Get together with your partner, kids, grandkids, or anyone else coming on the big adventure, and write a list of the items you each have missing in your wardrobe in regards to outdoor wear, and weatherproof clothing. You can make an afternoon of it; gathering and discussing your getaway will get everyone excited, and ensure that nobody’s too sad that the festive period had come to an end for another year.

You probably won’t want to brave the January conditions in a tent; however, most hired accommodation will be self-catering, and you’ll want it to feel like a home away from home for the duration of your stay. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to begin putting together a box of kitchen items, lunch boxes, flasks, and everything else you may need when you’re taking your lunch out with you, or if you want to enjoy the on-site BBQ or campfire. Of course; you want it to feel like an adventure, but it’s worth having enough items to ensure that you’re all well fed and watered for the duration of the getaway, especially for those who aren’t used to this particular style of mini break. Little items like compasses and torches will make great stocking fillers for young members of the family, or you could give them as new year, getaway gifts.

Whether you’re choosing to go an stay by a lake, in the mountains, or want to hire a cabin in the forestt; the whole point of the mini family vacation is to get away from it all. Therefore, there are unlikely to be many convenience stores nearby or shopping malls. Bear this in mind when you’re packing the car or van up; it’s better to over-pack and be cautious, rather than feel like you’re all stranded without something vital so that a family member ends up driving back in the other direction to pick it up. Write your list, tick everything off your checklist, and fill up those backpacks for a memorable experience together.

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Stay Safe

Spending time with your loved ones surrounded by the great outdoors together is an excellent way to get plenty of quality time together. But, it is crucial to remember that being out in the rugged beauty of nature can be dangerous at times. Being aware of possible dangers is the best way to protect yourself from accidents and injuries and to avoid becoming a victim of negligence. Making sure that everyone looks out for each other and that you are all aware of potential dangers is vital and will ensure that everyone stays safe and has a fantastic vacation. 

Find Your Happy Place

Now that you know you have all the equipment and clothing that you and your family will need; it’s time to get out the maps, and choose somewhere to go. Try and ensure that there will be enough to do for those who prefer to get out each day, and comfortable accommodation and amenities for those who want to relax a little more. Depending on how long you have to enjoy your break; you can determine how far you want to drive in one go, or if it’s a two-day drive with a stopover. As long as you all have beautiful views and fresh air to enjoy; there are an array of options regarding where to stay and what to do during the winter and spring months ahead; this is the exciting part, so enjoy it with your family.

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Record And Remember

The best part of your family adventure together will be all the memories you make. You don’t have to be sad that the holidays are over if you’re going to head out to spend even more quality time with one another in a beautiful outdoor setting. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that everyone takes their cameras, and you all take plenty of photos. You can create a scrapbook or picture album with the young members of the family on a bad-weather afternoon, and you’ll have a keepsake to look back at and enjoy. If all goes to plan; you can make your new year getaways an annual affair, and start the planning process sooner in 2018. Switch up your locations and accommodations, until you find the perfect destination for your whole family to utilize and embrace.


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