Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Impossible Task of Buying Gifts For Guys

If you’ve ever tried buying a gift for a man, you’ll know it’s no easy task. They tend to be simpler in what they want than women, and if they do want something they’ll generally go out and buy it themselves. So when it comes to giving them a present, most of us find ourselves completely stuck. However, there are a few options that are pretty foolproof and make good gifts for most guys. Here are some ideas. 

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If the man you’re buying for doesn’t drink, you can obviously rule this one out. However if they do it’s an easy gift, as you can buy a nicer version of their favourite. Higher end boxed spirits, nice wines and champagne all make a great gift if you know what kind of alcohol they like and is something they’re likely to enjoy and appreciate. A personalised glass and a great quality box of chocolates along with the alcohol could make it extra special. 

Experience Days
Sometimes a material gift just doesn't seem right, and nothing you can pick from the shelves of a store seem suitable. Maybe you need an alternative because the guy you're buying for isn't materialistic, or maybe you're in search of gifts for the man who has everything. Either way, an experience day is a fun option which gives them the chance to try something new and make memories which in many ways is more special than a gift to keep. It could be a ride in a hot air balloon or on a steam train, a driving experience or even tickets to a concert or sporting event. Have a think about the kinds of things they enjoy and decide from there. 

Smart accessories like leather belts, wallets, sunglasses and underwear are all good choices if you know the main well and their size and style. Ideal for a husband or boyfriend but could be an option for any male loved one you're close to. It's not advisable to go with clothes since these are such a personal choice, but accessories you could get fairly easily. Go with plain, safe designs which will appeal to just about everyone. 

Gadgets and Tech
We all love our gadgets, and these are often targeted towards men as gifts as they usually go down very well. If you have a bigger budget, anything from a pair of headphones to a tablet to a camera could all work depending on their interests. There are things like drones, hoverboards and VR headsets too. Smart home has become very popular, and if you have a guy that's houseproud or a new homeowner, something like this could be a great option. You could get them a voice-activated speaker, and everything else could be linked to this, they could build it up from there. 


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