Friday, November 17, 2017

We’re coming to the end of the year, and it’s around now that we start to consider New Year’s resolutions. One that tops many people’s lists is to make their home more comfortable or closer to their image of the ideal property. But why wait until the 1st of January to start making changes? If anything, now is a better time than ever to start making changes to your living space. If you make sure that everything is clear before you put your festive decorations up, your home will be a completely blank canvas when you take the tree and lights down in 2018. Here are a few things that you should prioritise over the next couple of weeks to allow this to happen!

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Waste Removal

We all tend to have a fair few unwanted bits and bobs by this time of year. So it’s around now that you should consider having a complete clear out. First, tackle day to day waste. This can include whatever is in the trash cans around your home. Separate plastics, tin, paper and card where possible. These items can be recycled. Next, onto the harder work. Start taking a look through all of your belongings and identifying the ones that aren’t worth the space that they take up. This can be difficult. Often we will look at things that we own and think how they’re nice and how we want to keep a hold of them. But if you’re not using them and they have no sentimental value then they’re just taking up room that could be clear. If the items are in good condition, donate them to a local charity store. Someone out there will love them and get much more use out of them. If not, use an ethical waste removal company such as Companies such as this reduce fly-tipping and its damage on the environment. All rubbish that they pick up is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner at approved waste recycling centres.

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A Fresh Coat of Paint

We’ve all been there: felt adventurous and painted a room bold colours… only to have some regrets about our choices later. Now is a better time than ever to give your walls and ceilings a fresh coat of paint. Keep ceilings matte white and opt for more neutral tones on the walls. Creams and magnolias are often the best way to go, as they aren’t imposing, yet aren’t as sterile or professional as white. Throw in a quick touch of white gloss on the skirting boards and door frames and your home will be looking like new. This will be great for the festive period, as it provides a blank backdrop for your decorations. Then in the new year, it’s almost like you have a completely new, fresh property to work with in terms of interior design.

Following this instructions will endow you with the perfect home to start afresh in January. You can just stick to the little touches once the new year comes, rather than worrying about clearing out and painting.


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