Saturday, November 18, 2017

We all do it, don’t we? You know – putting style over substance? There isn’t a homeowner on the planet that hasn’t opted for a contemporary kitchen over a practical one. It’s just human nature to want the entire house to wow. Unfortunately, we put ourselves in a tricky position because an impractical kitchen is not food friendly. And, the meals we eat dictate our lives because they impact everything from sleep to mental health. So, a kitchen needs to be trendy and tasty at the same time.

Thankfully, there are ways to make it happen. Just take a look at the following. 

Restructure The Layout

Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t find it easy to cook in a cluttered kitchen, and he’s let you know! Appliances which get in the way are often a hindrance more than a help. Therefore, it’s imperative to move them out of the way to ensure there is a clear workstation as a well as a path. Putting pots and pans in the cupboards is easy enough, but what about the big appliances such as the fridges and ovens? Well, they have to stay yet may be better off in a different corner of the room. Try and use them to fill up hard to reach space.

Buy Low-Tech Gadgets 

You don’t need to splash out on the latest appliances to make it easier to cook. An air fryer is by no means pointless, but it solves a problem which doesn’t exist for lots of people. You can always fry food on the hob! No, the gadgets which Home Buying Checklist points out are necessary are the ones which don’t have a replacement. For example, it’s almost impossible to chop food without a sharp knife. And, a good quality one will save time.

Create An Atmosphere

The key to cooking to enjoy the experience and the best way to do that is with music. We all have songs which we love to shake to when no one is looking. Not only is it fun but it’s a form of stress relief. So, there is nothing wrong with putting on your favourite cooking playlist if it gets you in the mood. If you don’t have one, Greatist has some top tips. Candles and fragrances are also excellent mood setters so don’t be afraid to start a fire. Just make sure the kitchen doesn’t go up in flames!

Find Extra Space

Even homeowners with a big kitchen complain about a lack of space. As rich as it sounds, they are right because chefs never feel unshackled. Therefore, one fantastic trick is to create as much space as possible even when you think you have plenty. Start by finding every appliance in the room a home. Then, consider installing hooks to hang pots and pans and anything with a handle. Finally, put up shelves which are easily within reach. Shelves are excellent because they are high up in tight spaces. 

As you can tell from these tips, there is no reason to impact style. It is possible to have a kitchen which is stylish and plays home to delicious food.


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