Thursday, October 5, 2017

In times of austerity, money can be pretty tight within the household. Coupled with an expanding brood, a 9 - 5 job and there not being enough hours in a day, our homes can begin to look tired, messy and cluttered. This is why you may wish to consider killing two birds with one stone. The stuff that is cluttering up your home is merely taking up space and is more or less obsolete in your pad. Why not consider decluttering, selling your unwanted stuff and topping up your savings in the process.

The ubiquitous auction site is still the go-to online platform for selling items. The reach is astronomical, and the global shipping programme now makes selling your item overseas easier than ever. If you haven’t used an item in twelve months, it’s probably time to give it a new home. You’ll be surprised at how much your things that are no longer of any use to you may fetch at auction.

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List Correctly

To get the optimum price for any item, it’s imperative that you list it correctly. If your getting rid of a retro 1990 Gameboy complete with Super Mario Land game, don’t list it under ‘Playstation Consoles.’ In your listing’s description be as detailed as possible and always be truthful. If the screen has a couple of pixels missing, don’t keep quiet about it. Take photos from every angle and show the device working. This way, any potential buyer will know of any faults and will have a clear view of the item.

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As the money starts to roll in, you’ll become more motivated to continue your decluttering mission and rid your house of unused items. Having a clearer home with more usable space can de-stress, relax and calm a household. If you work through your humble abode strategically, you can clear each room of your house one by one before tackling the clutter havens such as the attic or the garage.

With a more minimalistic look to the interior of your home, you may be spurred on to carrying out some home improvements, redecoration or DIY to transform the aesthetics of your pad.

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Alternatives To Savings

If you find that you are accruing a princely sum in your savings account, you may want to channel some of these funds down other avenues. If you have debt, it pays to clear it as quickly as possible saving you money on interest. Check out the impartial reviews on and apply for the most appropriate card for your financial situation. By consolidating your debt onto a credit card that offers a low-interest rate over the term of the debt, you can roll all of your debt into one monthly repayment. Set this up via direct debit so you ensure you don’t miss a payment and you’ll be debt free in no time.

If your goals are to live in a clutter-free environment and you ache to see a larger number on your savings account balance, why not embark on a decluttering mission and reap the rewards.


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