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If you’re a creative person, you might also enjoy creating beautiful spaces in your home. Of course, if you’ve done about all you can with your interior decor, you might be looking for a new project. Have you thought about extending your design skills to your exterior? Your outside space isn’t just an extra room to utilize. It can be many different rooms, depending on the amount of ground it covers. So what are you waiting for? Try one (or all) of these outdoor projects to make more use of your home’s exterior:

One For The Kids
Most of us are keen to encourage our children or grandchildren to play actively outdoors as much as possible. This isn’t always easy. There is, after all, a lot to fear. You can build a secure and safe play space in your garden more easily than you think. Start by planning out the space you might need. If you have tiny tots, consider putting in a little picket fence with a gate. This stops your pets using that area and prevents the kids wandering into areas that are less child-friendly.

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You can turf this area for a softer landing as they’re finding their feet. You might even use artificial turf if you’re worried about mud. Play mats work perfectly well on any surface, so you can even make a hardstanding area into a safe and fun play area. Add a playhouse and a few ride-on toys. Why not include some water play or a sandpit?

All children’s areas outdoors should have shady areas too. This greatly reduces the risk of illness or burns from the sun. It’s more comfortable for their little eyes too. A little table and chair placed under the shade could become the ideal workstation for all those crayon artworks. Why not have a little picnic here too?

One For Thinking
Every garden should include an area that is just like your living room, but outside. You should feel comfortable just to sit and be. Contemplating life and doing not-a-lot can be good for the mind and the soul from time to time. Now all you need is a great view and a great place to sit. 

There are lots of different types of garden that can help you to relax and even meditate. A Zen garden might be the first one that comes to mind. This is usually a dry garden and might be considered minimalist. Sand, pebbles, and one or two statues might be all you need to create a place that can help you find peace of the mind and quietness. 

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Water features can be added too. You might have a little pond with lilypads and gorgeous flowering water lilies. Maybe you like the idea of moving water? A fountain or feature can offer that calming sound of running water as well as something beautiful to watch. 

All of this might be enjoyed from the lawn. A good quality turf should be mown every week in the summer. To keep it healthy, use options like hunter rotors to ensure irrigation is thorough and adjusted to suit the climate and soil. It will also help ensure a steady rate of lush growth that is easier to manage. 

Don’t forget that beautiful floral displays can be the perfect view when you want to unwind. Add a bench or a gazebo with an outdoor sofa. Perhaps you like to lounge in the sun? And if you love being active, you might have a workout space, complete with a Yoga mat.

One For Dining
If you love entertaining, then an outdoor kitchen and dining room are the perfect solution. You have plenty of space when you use your yard or garden. It also means you don’t have all those cooking smells indoors. You can hook up a gas grill or use a traditional barbecue. Set up a good quality dining set in the garden, and you’ll have all the seating you need to celebrate those big events in style.

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Outdoor kitchens are usually enclosed on three sides and may have a roof. The open side is essential for safety and ventilation. Being enclosed keeps the wind and any passing rain showers out though. This type of exterior facility is often attached to the back door or kitchen door of the main home. You might have a patio or concrete flooring. Wooden decking isn’t always the best choice here.

One For Gardeners
Gardening can be physically demanding but highly rewarding. Much of the work that is required once you’ve designed and installed the garden is easier though. Get started with a few photos and some measurements of the space you have. Consider the size of the budget you have to work with. Don’t forget that plants will spread out over time, so you can afford to plant sparsely at first.

Plants grow up as well as out. Think about the architecture or structure of your planting as well. You might choose shrubs as well as colorful flowers. Don’t forget that trees can offer tasty fruit as well as some wonderful shade in your garden. Check the final height of your young sapling. You might not want a very tall tree in a small garden. 

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You might also like the idea of growing your own fruit and vegetables. This takes quite a lot more work than a flower garden. But imagine the taste of veggies fresh from the garden to your dining table! 

One For The Pets
We mustn’t forget our pets. If you create a fenced off area for your dog, then you can contain any mess and digging. Animals need to roll around and play outside. Try to provide a few different surfaces. A gravel area, some lawn, and a little bit of mud might keep your pet happy for hours. Throw in a few toys, and they’ve got their own little patch of heaven!

What kind of garden might you create for your family? Why not have one of each? Enjoy your beautiful outside spaces.

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