Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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We all have an area of our face that we’re not too keen on. In all likelihood, it’s a (perceived) flaw that only we notice, but it stands out to us like a glaring beacon. It’s the part of our face we find ourselves focusing on when we’re looking at photographs; the one thing we can’t quite see past. 

People will often say that everyone is beautiful, and you should gloss over the areas that bother you. As nice an idea as this is, it’s simply not possible for some of us-- and there’s nothing wrong with that either. If you have what you feel is a defining facial flaw, being constantly told it’s fine and to cheer up just isn’t helpful. You need practical solutions. 

If you have such a flaw, then it might come as a relief to know that there’s always something you can do about it. The most obvious solution is usually some kind of surgery to fully rectify the issue; this is a personal choice, but if you feel it might be for you then you can check out the likes of Facial Plastics for more. If you’re not looking for something so drastic, then there’s plenty you can do with makeup to ensure you’re always happy with the reflection you see in the mirror… 

You Think: Your Nose Is Too Big

There are plenty of contouring methods that can help reduce the size of your nose if this is an area of concern for you. There’s a great video here that can explain the basics; don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you. 

You Think: Your Pores Are Too Large 

Realistically, there’s not much you can do -- despite the claims of moisturizer manufacturers -- about large pores. It’s a genetic issue that tends to go hand-in-hand with oily skin. However, the fact you can’t remove the pores doesn’t mean you can’t hide them. Opt for silicone-based primers such as Benefit’s famed Porefessional; apply with a brush and then build the coverage until the pore size appears greatly reduced. 

You Think: You Have Dark Eye Circles

Again, despite the claims of most skincare manufacturers, there’s relatively little you can do about dark under-eye circles. They’re genetic; the skin is thinner in this area, meaning that it shows the shadow from your brow. So rather than spending a fortune on products to improve something that can’t be improved, learn to use a color-corrector. Yellow is the best color for under-eye circles; use it beneath your concealer and foundation for the best results. 

You Think: Your Face Is Too Red

If you suffer from facial redness, there’s various calming products you can use, but these take awhile to work. In the meantime, turn to color-correcting once more; for redness, you want to use a green-colored base. 

Ultimately, if you have a flaw, there is always something you can do to rectify it-- the above are just a few suggestions. Play with makeup, experiment, learn how to color-correct, and you’ll soon see a finished result that you love.


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