Thursday, October 12, 2017

If you’re lucky enough to have an unused room in your home, don’t let it become a space for accumulated junk. Why not transform it into a gorgeous guest room so you can have family and friends over to stay? If you want to be the host with the most, here are some of the ways you can ensure their visit is as comfortable as possible.

Neutral Decor
You should set up your guest room much like a hotel room. It should be clean and functional, and if you go with neutral decor, it will be pleasant and appealing to all tastes. You might love bold color and pattern but not everyone will, it might be your house, but if you’re setting up a room just for guests, it’s something worth bearing in mind. Strip off any old wallpaper, sand down the walls and paint them in a light, neutral color. Replace carpets with something neutral and hardwearing, that way it will last for many years to come. Companies like Carpet One home flooring have loads of options available so you can pick what suits the space best. This turns the room into a blank canvas.

A Great Bed
Too often guests are lumbered with a rickety old camp bed or a blow-up mattress. Instead, why not invest in a decent bed so that anyone who comes to stay can have a good night’s sleep. A supportive mattress, plump pillows, and cozy bedding will do the trick allowing your guests to settle down and get really comfortable at night. 

Storage Space
If your guests are staying for more than a day, having some storage space means they’re not having to live out of their suitcase. A wardrobe and a chest of drawers will give them a place to hang or fold their things and generally make things more convenient during their stay. A bedside table with a lamp and a place to charge their phone will also be appreciated, if you were being really nice, you could even leave out some popular books and novels as reading material.

A Tray of Essentials
Another way you can be extra nice to your guests is by providing them with a few essentials. Many may be too polite to ask for things during their stay so this way you avoid any awkwardness. Some snacks, some bottles of drinks, some toiletries, ear plugs, even a universal phone charger if they forget theirs. Another nice touch is to leave the code to your wifi, designers on sites like Etsy can create you a framed piece like this which you could leave out for guests. 

Blackout Blinds
Finally, blackout blinds are an obvious choice. You probably already have these in your own room, so don’t overlook them for the guest room. Your guests won't get a whole lot of sleep with car headlights and lampposts shining brightly through the window at night. For an added layer you could hang lined curtains over the top. 


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