Monday, October 9, 2017

5 Ways To Winter Proof Your Home

Christmas goods have started creeping into the shops and that also means winter is on its way. We all know that winter season means that we have to start looking after ourselves and our family. We all start winter proofing ourselves, taking vitamins so that we can avoid catching a cold, it’s all about surviving winter. However, we also need to be thinking about winter proofing our home too. Having a dry and warm home will help us stay fit and healthy. What should we be doing now to ensure that our home is ready for winter? 

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Fill Those Gaps

We need to make sure that our home is properly sealed and that it isn’t leaking warm air and letting cold air in. Those drafts will also be costing us money! It’s no good turning up the thermostat when we have a drafty house. It’s just a waste of money. Instead we should be looking at how we can fill the gaps. We could hire a professional to come round and do the job for us. The other alternative is that we do it ourselves. For large gaps you want to buy an insulating foam, it comes in an aerosol can and is very easy to use. You want to use a sealant for filling gaps around windows and doors

Insulate Your Home And Don’t Neglect Your Crawlspace

You have filled your cracks and now you need to insulate. This will help reduce your heating costs. Make sure that you have insulation in your attic and basement. You also want insulation around your pipes. People often forget to pay attention to their crawlspace. Your crawl space could be home to moisture, mold and rodents! Dino Dry can turn your crawlspace into a clean and dry space, that will improve your homes energy efficiency. It will also make your home a much healthier space to live in!

Give Your Home An Audit

You could hire a local BPI contractor to come round and give your home an energy audit. They will be able to advise you on how to improve the energy-efficiency of your home. Should you need repairs to your home, the BPI contractor will be able to prioritize the repairs from the most important and must-do, through to the nice-to-do if you have the budget.

Don’t Throw Your Money On The Fire

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A well maintained chimney is crucial for keeping your home warm. You will want to hire a professional chimney sweep, they will ensure that your chimney is safe for you.  You should have your chimney swept at least twice a year. You really want it done just before winter as this is when you will be using it more. Therefore, you want to ensure that your chimney is clean and clear. 


We aren’t the only ones that like to layer up in winter, add layers to your home. You might want rugs for those cold floors, throws for the couch and lots of blankets and pillows. It’s about getting cozy and snuggling down indoors.  

Your Home Is Now Winter Ready

You and your home are now winter ready. Stay warm and stay healthy. 


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