Thursday, September 7, 2017

As you get older, you’ll find yourself waking up with a stiff back. Those twinges that you feel throughout the day have become a normal part of aging that we just seem to put up with. The truth is, while you’re going to be more prone to back problems in your later years, they have a cause. Everything that has a cause, has a solution as well. Working out what is causing your back problems is the first step towards getting rid of them and living a more comfortable life. So, if you’re constantly hobbling around with pains in your back, it could be caused by one of these things that are easily fixed. 

A Bad Mattress

People don’t pay nearly enough attention to the quality of their mattress, but it can cause you serious back pain if it doesn’t give you enough support. Without a decent mattress, your back will not stay straight while you sleep and putting that pressure on it every single night will make it stiff and painful. Sites like can help you to find the best quality mattresses out there. It might be tempting to go for a cheaper one, but it won’t do you any good in the long run. A proper mattress is an investment worth making if you want to maintain good back health into your old age. 

Slipped Discs 

One of the most common back injuries that you can get is a slipped disc. This is when the soft tissue between the discs in your back becomes dislodged. It’s usually caused by general wear and tear but overstraining your back can also cause a disc to slip out of place. It’ll be incredibly painful and sustained so if you’re experiencing severe back pains, it’s best to check with a doctor. However, it can also cause you pain in your hip because it presses on certain nerves. A combination of pain in the back and the hip is a sure sign that you’ve got a slipped disc. 

Muscle Spasms

Overworking your back can also cause muscle spasms in the back that can be extremely painful. They happen when the muscles or tendons in your back get torn, usually from lifting heavy weights. If you’re experiencing muscles spasms in your back, you need to get a lot of rest and make sure you aren’t putting any unnecessary strain on your back. 


Bad posture is a hugely common cause of back problems. So many of us spend the day at a desk at work, but only very few of us worry about our posture. Spending all day, every day, slouching at our desks can soon lead to a stiff painful back. The way to get around this is to get a good, supportive desk chair and make sure to take regular breaks to stand up and have a walk around. 

Back pain is seen as an inevitable feature of old age, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Back pain is usually caused by something that we’re doing and can be easily rectified. So, don’t just live with it.  


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