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Everybody wants to be healthy, of course. It’d be a little strange to say you didn’t care about the health of your body. Nonetheless, that doesn’t necessarily mean the majority of us want to put in the work it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therein lies the problem, however. We see healthy living as “work” in modern society. It’s a “chore” to try and find time to keep your body active and eat the right kinds of food because you’re a busy person and you spend most of the day sitting at your desk, sitting in your car, or sitting in front of the TV at home.

We live sedentary lifestyles. That’s the real reason so many of us feel glum about the thought of exercise. It sounds tiring, painful, and a boring way to spend your time. Of course, staying physically active is only one part of being healthy. There are so many aspects of your lifestyle which can be marginally altered to massively improve your health and we’re going to look at just a few of them so you can start to see that living healthily isn’t as much of a “chore” as you’d like to believe.

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Physical health.
Let’s start off with the fun stuff then. You’re wincing at the thought of hitting the gym several hours a day and living on a diet of broccoli and celery but that just means you’ve misinterpreted what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a stable state of physical health is all about maintaining a stable diet and exercise routine. What that means is you need to be thinking about moderation and balance. It’d be unhealthy for you to live on a diet consisting solely of fruit and vegetables, so don’t mourn the loss of meat, pasta, or even chocolate just yet.

The key to a good diet is to find a healthy balance; a little of everything is the best way to go. You need potassium, fiber, carbohydrates, and iron from foods such as pasta and vegetables. However, you also need a little bit of salt and sugar, so the occasional burger with salty chips or the odd slice of chocolate cake won’t do you any harm. What you must remember, of course, is that such treats should remain “occasional”. Once you start eating better in this way, you’ll find that your body and mind both improve; exercise might become far easier as a result. You’ll have more energy because you’ll be eating the right kinds of food. You don’t need to run a marathon but aim to do 10,000 steps a day or, at the very least, go on a nice walk around your local area for 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Whilst this point may apply more to people who are getting on in terms of age, it’s an aspect of health that everybody should take on board. Your senses are very precious and you shouldn’t ignore the warning signs if your hearing starts to fade. Many people make matters worse by dealing with poor hearing by turning up the volume on devices, for example. You may not be able to hear things as well but that doesn’t mean loud noises aren’t doing just as much damage to your eardrums, so rather than filling your ears with more noises, you should work on fixing them. You could do some research into hearing aid features if you think that might be a good solution for you. The point is that leaving your ears or any damaged senses unintended can cause them more damage.

Quit bad habits.
Another way to improve your health is to curb bad habits. We all have ways of getting ourselves through the day and improving our mood. Some of us like to watch TV, some of us like to eat chocolate, and some of us might like the occasional drink or cigarette. The problem is that these treats can turn into addictions very quickly. If you want to think about your health in the long term then you should work on reducing the amount you might smoke or drink so as to prevent health issues such as heart problems, liver damage, and even cancer in the future.

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In the office.
I think it’s important to talk about your health when you’re outside the house too. Whilst at work, you probably have a little less freedom with your time. That might have been the source of your inactive and unhealthy lifestyle. Of course, becoming too absorbed in your work can lead to stress and anxiety, which are very unhealthy for your brain as well as your body. That’s why it’s crucial to find a way to look after yourself at work. Take the occasional break to walk around your office (or even the company car park). You should also make sure you have an ergonomic chair and keyboard to keep your joints healthy and reduce aches or pains.


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