Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It’s obvious that having a baby changes the way you think about the world - nothing can have more impact on you than becoming a parent. From the second you walk out of the hospital doors to go home, the world will seem a little stranger - and more dangerous - than it ever did before. But it doesn’t just stop when you take the baby home for the first time. Those mindset changes will continue long into the future. Here are a few of the surprising things you might experience when you have children. 

Sleep patterns

It will be a while before your little one starts getting up at a regular time, but once they do it is likely, they will be set for many years to come. And that means that your alarm clock will become an irrelevance. Expect your body clock to start getting you up a lot earlier than you used to as a teenager or partygoing 20-something  - and the prospect of an early night becoming incredibly attractive.

Turning into your mom/dad

No matter how rebellious you were as you transformed into an adult, over the years, you will notice you are becoming your mother or father. It starts when you notice yourself using those little phrases they used to use when you were a kid. Then, you will start seeing little behaviors and decisions you make are exactly the same as mom or pop used to do. And, depending on your genetics, you could wake up one morning, look into a mirror, and see your parent looking back at you. 

Being aware of the inevitable

As pointed out over at, when you have a family, you have to consider their future when you’re not around anymore - what will happen if you pass away? As a hell-raising singleton, everyone would be sad to see you go, of course, but once you have kids, your mortality will play on your mind. There are lots of financial implications when you have loved ones that rely on you for income, and it’s vital for you to consider securing everyone’s future. Whether it's getting life insurance, sorting out a will, or setting savings accounts for your kids, it's important to start putting financial plans in place. 

Belonging to a club

Once you have had a baby, you will start sharing glances, smiles, and little nods with other new moms. But, as your kids get older, you will become a more senior member of this massive but unofficial club, offering your advice - but only when it’s needed, of course - and giving help to other parents whose experiences are similar to yours. In fact, barely a day will go by that you don’t see other members of this prestigious club and discuss issues, share stories, and describe shared problems. 

Minor Irritations

According to, belonging to the ‘club’ does have some downsides, though. When you’re enjoying your first child, everyone and anyone will offer you advice - and you’ll struggle with trying out all the different suggestions. However, over time you will forge your own path as a mother, and even start finding these know-it-all moms a little on the tiresome side!

What mindset changes have you experienced as a mother? Share your expertise in the comments! 


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