Friday, September 8, 2017

Everyone knows that fashions come and go. One year, goth is in. The next, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with 80s style. For the most part, these stylistic choices have little more to do with the clothes we wear. And, when fashion shops change, so too do our tastes.

Occasionally, though, a fashion comes to mean more than simply clothes. In recent years, we’ve seen the ‘emo’ style sweeping across youngsters. It dictated everything from the way they acted, to the food they ate. More recently, we’ve seen the development of the ‘hipster’ fashion. 

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Anyone who’s anyone will have cottoned on to the fact that this fashion, predominantly in men, has become the latest lifestyle choice. With man buns, tattoos, and beards galore, hipsters are taking over coffee shops across the world. 

If you have a hipster in your midst, you may feel as though they’re another species. The behaviors of this fashion group are so distinct and alien that they can be baffling. While you may not understand the lifestyle choice, such a tailored choice does make hipsters extremely easy to buy for. So, if the person in question has a birthday coming up, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect gift. To give you some idea of what you should look for, consider these items. 

A top-end coffee machine is sure to go down well. Hipster life and coffee shops go hand in hand. So, why not give them their own professional coffee experience, like that provided by Delonghi machines? Bear in mind that you may also want to stock up on some coffee pods, and perhaps even some espresso cups. 

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An electric razor is also worth considering. It may seem like a contradiction, as beards are all the rage. But, hipsters beards aren’t any old facial hair. Instead, they’re manicured and perfectly trimmed. While not any old razor would offer a trimming function, a little research into the best electric shaver on the market is sure to lead to you to one that does. Options with extra clips and so on are your best bet here. 

Beard oil goes hand in hand with shaving, and should be your next port of call. Did you ever wonder why stylish men had such shiny beards? This is the answer. You could accompany your razor gift with a bottle, or buy a gift set with a few different choices. Attempt to pick out scents you know the person in question will love. They will have this right under their nose, after all. 

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A record player would be another welcome gift. Vinyl has been threatening to reappear for years, and hipsters are making it happen. As such, there are a variety of affordable portable options on the market. Accompany this with a record from their favorite artist, and you’ll be onto a winner. Bear in mind that it’s worth doing your research here, too. Buying an option which is too cheap will see it breaking in no time. 


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