Thursday, July 6, 2017

You don’t need me to tell you how important sleep is for you. You know the feeling well enough when you don’t get as much sleep as you'd like. You feel groggy, and you're more susceptible to illnesses. There is a big focus on sleep by health authorities now, because the more we learn about sleep, the more we find out how good it actually is for us! Even a catnap in the afternoon has proven to have rejuvenating effects. But it all starts with the bedroom. So many of us don’t have the right type of sanctuary for sleep, so here is your one stop shop for making your bedroom the cozy and comfortable place you need for some shut-eye.

Are You Comfortable?

There could be many things that are stopping you from getting a relaxing night’s rest. Your bed is the best place to start. If you have sheets that are too thick, then you could be too warm in the night, so make sure you have the right thickness in relation to the temperature to where you live and what time of year it is. Have you changed the mattress in the last 10 years? If not, this could be another factor. Get comfy, keep the temperature low and it will help you relax. Another simple hack to get yourself at a good temperature is to have a cold shower a couple of hours before bedtime, you don’t want to do this just before bed because you’ll wake right up!

Get Rid Of Electronics

Yes, for the perfect bedroom, you need to leave you electrics at the door. The big CEOs like Ariana Huffington swear by leaving their phones outside their bedroom, and you should do the same. A lot of people think that they can't fall asleep without Netflix or a DVD in the background, but this could stop you entering the deeper stages of sleep, and your children can benefit from this too, especially if they have games consoles and TVs in their room. If you really need to use your phone or computer, then install a filter like F.Lux to cut back on the blue light that interrupts your body’s production of melatonin.

Have A Routine

Much like when you were a child, and you were sung to sleep after a nice bath, or a story was read to you, these are things which highlight the importance of a pre-bedtime routine. With life being as busy as it is, we are going to bed at the last possible minute and hoping to fall asleep right away. This isn’t possible without a routine. Some people journal and others take some time to breathe, but by winding down and getting rid of the troubles of the day, it’ll help you to prepare for a sleep state.

Sleep should be a third of our lives, and we need to keep it this way. A lot of us are in danger of not getting enough sleep, and while we tend to think that being busy is good, it’s interrupting our lives. So get to bed early once in a while!


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