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A home is your castle, the place you feel the most comfortable. It is the place you yearn for after a hard day’s work and the building that holds the most memories. It makes sense, then, that your property is a home and not a house. What is the difference, you ask? Well, simply put, a house is a property that lacks personality. Scratch that – it’s a property that lacks your personality. As the owner, it is your job to imbue it with as many of your character traits as possible. That way, the transformation process can begin. 

Obviously, adding personality isn’t as easy as saying it out loud or in your head. To make it happen, it is essential to take action and start the process. So, if you don’t know where to start, you should take a look at the following. These are the tips that will instill character into your house. 

Move Out

‘Seriously? I Need To Move?!’ No, you don’t have to go if you don’t want because it is a long and stressful process. However, a new property is a chance to stamp your authority into a property. The problem with old houses is that they have too much going on to be able to concentrate on one area. If you look around, it is probably almost impossible to see where you are going to make any changes. Indeed, homes are notorious for being stubborn from a design perspective. Thankfully, a new house allows the owner to start over again. The right property is a blank check, and, like a painter’s easel, it is waiting for you to throw color. Anyway, the average person moves more than eight times in a lifetime. For those who are below this number, then moving might be on the agenda in the future. Better to get ahead now than to react later. 

Visualize & Buy

Okay, moving out is a bit too much for now. That isn’t a problem as there are other options. The first is to add furniture throughout the house. Furniture is important in any property because it takes up lots of space and acts as a focal point. From an interior design perspective, the right pieces will add warmth and the style you want. More importantly, the comfort of the furniture should play a part in the decision process. A sofa, for example, is a place to sit and relax to take off the edge after a stressful day. As such, it’s vital to picture yourself using the item before you sign on the dotted line. Armchairs that aren’t comfy or mattresses that aren’t relaxing don’t fit the brief, and the only way to tell is to try before you buy. 

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Play Around

Once you have the items at home, there is no reason to keep them in the same place. Static furniture is boring, and it soon loses its appeal. Even if it adds a level of character, it is hard to see it when you aren’t pleased or perceive a different reality. The solution is simple: restructure the room. It is worth noting that some fittings will have to stay put, like the shower or sink. Still, the ones that are moveable are the perfect candidates for a restructure. All you have to do is swap the armchair with the sofa, or turn the attention away from the TV to an alternate focal point. This is a minor change but it makes all the difference in most homeowners’ minds. It is amazing what a play around with furniture can do for the entire property. 

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For now, let’s focus on the furniture because accessorizing the whole house is a big deal. Thankfully, decorating furniture is a lot easier. The trick is to add cushions and pillows and blankets to give the piece a new contrast. The fact that you do this, and it is unique to your home, makes it personal. However, it is possible to add personality by accessorizing the accessories. What does this mean? It means you can take one and add another level of character. Think about a throw pillow for a moment. Most people buy them from the store and stick with the same style. But, you can change the pillow’s cover by knitting a new one which is less generic. Or, in the case of the blanket, don’t buy an industry one. Instead, use one that you have had for a while, one that has sentimental value. You can even take it further by stitching one together with your belongings. 

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Add Artwork 

The great thing about art is that it is incredibly personal to the individual. So, there is no reason to use a piece that has been in your family for years. Let’s face it; most families don’t have a piece of artwork they pass down through the generations. Therefore, you can go out and buy the pieces which take your eye. They don’t even need to have a backstory as art can simply make you feel a certain way. Of course, using pieces that have sentimental value does take it to the next level. If you like to paint, don’t be afraid to use your drawings and paintings around the house. Or, you can opt for artwork that a friend has created with you in mind. A reminder: artwork doesn’t have to be a painting or a drawing. For all you pottery buffs, homemade antiques are a perfect addition. Artwork is a broad term for anything creative. 

Decorate With A Hobby

There aren’t many things more personal than a hobby. A hobby is something you do a couple of times a week which keeps you occupied and happy at the same time. As a result, it is a huge part of your life. The good news is that you can use a hobby or hobbies for interior design purposes as long as you think outside the box. Take music as an example. A musician like you will have instruments lying around the house. But, instead of ushering them into a corner, you can put them on the wall or create space. Not only are they striking, but they are a beautiful addition to any home. Just think about how often you see a home piano and think ‘I would love one of those.’ This works for any hobby, from a sports enthusiast to a gym lover. 

Display Achievements 

When you reach a certain age, accomplishments are more readily available. The problem is that they don’t have the same glamor when you are older. It’s something about having perspective. As such, most people hide them away or put them in storage and forget they exist. Apart from being a sign of disrespect, it is always a missed opportunity. Achievements are personal to the individual because only a handful of people can say they have done the same thing. Therefore, they are unique and need displaying around the house. Whether it is a trophy or a medal, or a plaque or whatever, there is no better way to add personality. Plus, looking at them evokes memories, and memories are another great way to set to create an atmosphere. 

Finally, don’t forget about the exterior. Everyone thinks turning a house into a home is all about the inside when it is not. If anything, the outside of the home has a big a role as any to play because people make quick judgments. Also, it’s a huge space which you can tailor to your needs and wants. 

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