Thursday, March 30, 2017

A year ago, I quit my post as a Quality Assurance Specialist in the Business Process Outsourcing industry.

The pay was good, but it was not worth all the stress and the toll it had on my health. I hung up the towel after a decade of working the night shift.

My job as a QA with various companies were all memorable, but the best ones were the unexpected responses from the agents either during a live call, or during coaching sessions.

During one ordinary shift, I came across a bad call and gave an agent Auto-Fail. I approached her station and took her in for immediate coaching. She cried and said she wanted to quit. I told her, "Hey, its just a bump in the road. Now you know what you shouldn't do. This job brings food to the table and sends you kids through school. Don't give up! I'll be here if you need help or when you need advice. Remember, every time you encounter difficulties, just F.I.G.O. - Forget It and Go On."

Touching base with my friends who still work in that company told me this girl is now a Team Leader. I guess I did something right.

Three years later, in another company, I got to do the task of being a Virtual QA (which means the agents I handle are off-shore), I came across a most unforgettable statement from one of the agents assigned to me. Markus was very upbeat in handling the customer's concerns and while the customer was waiting for her order to be completed, the customer asked him, "So how are you doing today?" I was expecting a canned response in the likes of. "I'm doing good. Thank you for asking." But no! Markus responded with something that hit home. He said, "Well, I'm breathing, I'm employed, and I get paid on Friday. Everything's good. All is good."


That was one wake up call for me. Why worry about the unimportant stuff when waking up is already a blessing in itself. Being able to breathe, walk, talk, interact, love and be surrounded with family and friends is a blessing! Doing what you love to do and get paid for it is a bonus! God is really good!

So now I go about living my life, my perfectly imperfect life. And when I get frustrated or depressed, All I have to do is remember Markus' words and carry on through the day. Fifteen words that touched my heart and made me be thankful of even the tiniest thing. 

Blessings sent! Have a great day.


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