Friday, January 13, 2017

It’s so important that your child gets enough sleep at night. For one thing, it is so vital for their health. After all, without enough sleep, your child is more at risk of catching a bug. And not only this but they will lose concentration easier at school. Without proper rest, they might end up making silly errors too. And that’s without the mood swings that can occur if your child is feeling tired. Therefore, you need to try and ensure they get enough sleep at night. If you find your child can’t drift off, here are some common reasons why your kid isn’t getting enough sleep and what to do about it.

There is too much going on in the room

It’s so easy to fill your kid’s rooms with items. After all, you feel they need items like a TV and a computer to keep them entertained. But if there are lots of things in your kid’s room, you are going to find they will struggle to get to sleep at night. After all, they are going to want to get up and play with their items. And it can make their brain alert if there are lots of things in the room. Therefore, keep the number of items in the room to a minimum to ensure your child gets enough sleep at night. Devices should stay downstairs to ensure your child isn’t tempted to play with them during the night!

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They aren’t in a comfortable bed 

Your child might also not be getting much sleep as they aren’t comfortable in bed. It could be causing them to move around in the night. Therefore, work out what about the bed is causing them to feel uncomfortable. It might be that the mattress needs to be replaced. After all, if it’s not supporting your child properly, they could end up waking up in the night. Or it might be the actual bed frame which is not providing them much comfort when they are trying to sleep. If you need to get them a new bed, you can find kids beds from Cuckooland and other brands online that might be suitable. And remember to check their duvet and pillows to ensure they are providing them with comfort in the night. That way, you can ensure their bed doesn’t cause them to have a lack of sleep!

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There is too much light in the room

You might not realize that the light in the room can make our brain think it’s morning. And then we struggle to get back to sleep once our brain is alert. Therefore, to stop this happening to your kid, you need to make sure the bedroom is dark enough at night. Invest in good curtains which will stop light getting into your child’s room. And if they can’t sleep without any light, you should just get a night light which you can put in the corner of the room. Therefore, it will give your child some reassurance without there being too much light in the room.

And remember to make sure your little one isn’t eating and drinking much before going to bed. Otherwise, your child will struggle to get any shut eye, and you will have a grumpy kid the next day!


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