Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Those who have a small bathroom know how hard it can be to find the proper décor. Unlike some other rooms, which can be quite plain, bathroom requires a lot of hardware and accessories. Similarly to kitchen, there are numerous objects that you have to place inside in order to make it functional. Because of this, you interior design may suffer.
Luckily for you, there are some tricks which can be used in order to improve layout and looks of this room. They will help you maximize your space making the small bathroom look big.

1.       Do the proper planning
Measuring everything in advance is the key when decorating your bathroom. You will have to adjust all your items according to available space. In comparison to a big bathroom, where you are allowed certain luxuries and are able to go over the top, you have to put everything in a proper place when it comes to its tinny counterpart. Furthermore, make sure that all the items are proportionately smaller. If you are planning to get hardware for an average bathroom, you will be in a lot of trouble. Best way to go is by measuring dimensions of each and every item that you wish to incorporate. Then, make outlines with a chalk and see how it looks like. Trust me; it is much better to scrub a little chalk than to make a bathroom which you cannot use.

2.       Use the colors to your advantage
You have to know a lot about colors in order to find the ideal ones. You may try certain combinations that look great on paper just to find that they are completely useless. When it comes to small bathrooms, one thing to note is that dark colors do not help. They make space feel more confined than it actually is. Instead, you should opt for lighter colors. Also, it is much better to use jovial patterns for tiles. Have in mind that décor doesn’t strictly revolve around patterns and colors; it is a general feeling that we get when we enter a room. By creating a relaxed, casual atmosphere, one that will dazzle guests, it is possible to improve person’s experience distracting him from the confined space.

3.       Use a lot of wood
If you listened to our advice and chose the proper tiles, it is time to decide on the other pieces. Wood is an ideal material for a small bathroom. As we said, when it comes to a confined space, there is only so much you can do with objects and colors. However, it is possible to change the overall theme making the room feel cozy. Most people associate wood to nature and relaxation. When using this building material, you are making sure that your guests will have a nice experience. Design is oftentimes subconscious. While one part of your brain will feel the limited space, the other part will be relaxed due to your design choice.

4.       Find creative solutions
People usually view rooms in terms of their eyesight. Space which is out of sight is oftentimes perceived as non-existent. Although this is really absurd, it is simply the way our brain works.  When decorating a tinny bathroom, you will have to consider all the available space such as the ceiling, the corners of the room as well as the upper parts of the wall. Each one of these can serve some purpose and may provide some additional room for your accessories. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should have towels hanging from the ceiling. It means that you are able to use one of these areas and place some additional objects there. For example, instead of using a wide cupboard, why don’t you use a tall one that will go all the way up? Use your door to hang the towels. If you have some cleaning products, place them in the corner, out of your guest’s sight. 

 As you can see, there are numerous things which you can do with your bathroom, regardless of space limitations. Interior design doesn’t only revolve around cute themes and nice colors. Its main purpose is to make a person feel good within a certain space. With our tips, you will be able to accomplish just that. 


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