Monday, July 25, 2016

My Grandson Receives His First Sacrament

24 July 2016.

It was a very special day. My grandson, Alfonso Miguel, a.k.a. "Amo" was baptized. He was welcomed into the Christian world by family, friends, and 18 pairs of godparents. 

It took months of planning and saving up for the special occasion. Today I am sharing with you photos of this memorable event.
The invitation
I was the one who designed this invitation using a template from Canva.

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral
My daughter and her husband decided to have their son baptized at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Quezon City. This was the same church where my daughter was baptized 30 years ago. The ceremony was held in a hall behind the main church, called the Baptism Chapel. 

The Altar in the Baptism Chapel
Children who were scheduled for baptism had to arrive wearing nothing but a diaper. Only a white blanket is allowed to keep the baby warm. 

My daughter Kristine and her son, Amo
The priest started the ceremony by asking all the godparents to form a line and take turns giving Amo their blessing by placing a sign of the cross on his forehead. This took a while to finish, considering he had 18 pairs of godparents!

My youngest son, Mickey was one of Amo's godparents
After all the godparents were done giving him blessings, it was time for the priest to proceed with the Baptism.

Amo receives his First Sacrament

The priest places a sign of the cross on his forehead and gives him his blessings

Amo seems to be listening intently to what the priest was saying
The priest then instructs Amo's parents to put clothes on him, as he has already been cleansed of original sin. Amo's father, Adi then proceeds to light a candle from the main altar. He passes it on to light the candles of the godparents as they renew their Baptism vows. 

The priest gives his final blessing and says, "Welcome to the Christian world, Alfonso Miguel!" Applause and cheers filled the hall. Everyone was happy to be witness to this special occasion.

The proud parents
Amo with his godfathers
Amo with his godmothers

The Baptismal party was held at Dad's World Buffet. The function room was filled with over a hundred guests and well-wishers! Everyone had an awesome time and happy tummies. The food was superb! We got to sample dishes from all over the world. Of course, I can't go home without trying out the dessert bar! It was just sad that taking photos of the food was not allowed. No regrets though. 

It was definitely a memorable event. Of course, my mom would not end the day without a photo op with her great grandson.

Thanks for spending time viewing our photos! Wishing you all a great week ahead.

Welcome to the Christian world, Amo! 
May God keep you and guide you as you go through the journey of life.


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