Monday, April 18, 2016

Every year, on the first Sunday of May, we honor the woman who nurtured, cared, and loved us from the time we were conceived in her womb. Her love and sacrifice cannot be replaced by anything else in the world. This is why we dedicate a special day for her every year.

As a child, I made my own Mothers Day card to give my mom. I secretly bought art materials and worked on my "masterpiece" when mom was busy doing the laundry or cooking supper. I can vividly remember how her face lit up with joy when I gave the card to her. 

I draw strength and inspiration from my mom. She was widowed at the age of 53. My brother was only 14 years old when my dad passed away. With some savings in the bank, my mom was able to find means to start a small business. It was tough for her to do things on her own, as she has never known how to live without my dad. But my mom did it. She was determined to succeed. She was able to support me and my three siblings through college. 

My mom is now 72 years old. Still strong and energetic, she attends exercise classes for senior citizens, does the grocery shopping by herself, and squeezes in some tea time or mall time with her friends.

Now I am a mom (and grandma) too, I still continue to surprise her with a small token of appreciation for love for me and my siblings. Last year, on Mother's Day, I got her a pair of sneakers with red trim. She wears them every time she attends her exercise class.

My mom is also fond of jewelry. My dad showered her with expensive jewelry when he was still with us. Now, mom keeps her heirloom pieces locked away in a safety deposit box in the bank. She said those things are not just jewelry. They are memories.

This year, I wanted to give her something she can wear for special occasions. A charm bracelet would be the perfect gift. And I know exactly where to get it.

At Glamulet, I found exquisite pieces that would make any mom happy. Their Mothers Day collection showcases beautiful charms that can be set on a sterling silver bangle. 

The craftsmanship is superb! Glamulet designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewelry made from genuine materials at affordable prices. I love the heart designs and the ones with the inscription "Mom" and "I love Mom." It will be a constant reminder of my love and appreciation for mom.

As a token of appreciation for all mothers, Glamulet is offering a 15% discount! Simply type in the code BB-MOM at check out. This code is available for orders $70 and up and valid until May 9th, 2016.

Here's one more bonus. Simply share any of Glamulet's pieces on your social media pages and you get to be entered automatically in a sweepstakes to win a Glamulet bracelet worth $200! Head on over to and start sharing!

Do you agree that this is the perfect gift for mom? I do.

I love you Mom. Happy Mothers Day.

Note: This is a sponsored post for Glamulet powered by Brandbacker. I have received discounts to purchase these special Mothers Day charms.

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