Monday, February 8, 2016

I was walking our dog Bitey Bear one morning when I saw a rather large caterpillar on the sidewalk. I run back to the house, grabbed my camera, focused and pressed on the shutter. What a beautiful creature it was! 

I took several shots while trying to keep our dog from gobbling up the caterpillar. Thankfully, one of the photos turned out fine. 

All of a sudden, it dawned upon me. I was not looking at a caterpillar. I was looking at a representation of ME! 

As I write this post, I am the lowly caterpillar. Crawling... feeling in all directions... tentative... vulnerable... moving in slow, coordinated movements. One step at a time. A continuous effort to move forward. To reach for something. TO FULFILL A DESTINY.

The time will come when I have to shut myself from the world... to build myself a safe haven... to allow change and to embrace that change. I will do this not because I am incapable of loving. I will do this BECAUSE I LOVE.
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It may take some time. I may be missed, or I may be forgotten. I will be patient and those who truly love me will likewise be patient enough to wait for me to come out of my cocoon. They will be there when I bask in the glorious brightness of the morning. They will welcome me and see a new ME.

I may not become the most beautiful butterfly. 

I may just turn out to be a moth. 

The important thing is I will grow my own wings and be strong enough to fly and reach greater heights. 

I will look back to my humble beginnings as a lowly caterpillar. My heart will be full of love and gratitude for those who are willing to wait for me. I will give them the honor of being the very first ones to witness the change. 

I will be blessed with the gift of flight. I will be a symbol of hope. 

I will reach my dreams.


Note: The caterpillar I photographed above is the larvae of the Daphnis nerii, or the Oleander Hawk Moth. 

"The strikingly colourful oleander hawk-moth (Daphnis nerii) is one of the most widely distributed Sphingidae species in the world. Adults of this large, attractive moth have intricately decorated forewings, displaying a mixture of olive greens, covered with small blotches of pink and white. They also have a pale streak on the tip of each forewing."(Source:


  1. What a wonderful article to read on a Monday morning. I am going through a ton of stress so it is important to take a step back and remember that beautiful things are in my future. Oh, and I highly recommend becoming part of the monarch project...nothing like watching a butterfly grow. Amazing.

  2. This is beautiful. I love the analogy you used. I'm sure you're a butterfly and not a moth! The photo of the caterpillar came out really nice. I'm glad you kept your dog away from it :).

  3. What an inspiring post! I believe we can all learn lessons from the different creatures found around us. I can also see myself in a caterpillar. I always dream of achieving all my goals in life and become a “butterfly”.

  4. I love everything about this post including the photo! I have always loved caterpillars, it is so interesting how they turn into butterflies. Having these moments of realization are very refreshing.

  5. I love this analogy you used of comparing yourself to the caterpillar. I, too, believe there is a time to shut ourselves away from others so that we can grow and improve. All the best to you as you change.

  6. LOVE this. The catepillar's spots look like eyes! And I mean, moths can be beautiful too, and everything has a place in this world!

  7. This is such a beautiful photo and I can see why you were nervous to see if one came out good. This came out beautifully I wish I could get a shot like that, I really need to figure out the settings on my camera. Plus my dogs probably would have grabbed it up before I could have snapped a photo. I can see myself in some of my subjects as well when I paint.

  8. Such a nice thought coming out from photoshooting a caterpillar, but more than the thoughts and the moral lesson of this article, I am more amazed of how strange this caterpillar looks like. Nice shot, keep it up.

  9. This is a wonderful post and metaphor. I love the way you've related it to your life and had an entire revelation about it. You'll be beautiful either way.


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