Thursday, February 18, 2016

Awesome Baby Shower Gifts

If you know someone who is expecting, you need to get them the perfect baby gift. Just think that the gift you present them at the baby shower could make their first days as a parent bearable. Wouldn’t that be something! All joking aside, it is always a nice gesture to give them a gift that they can use or cherish when the baby arrives. If you don’t know where to begin, the thought could fill you with dread. Luckily, there are a few ideas below that will help you in your time of need.

Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are great because every baby needs to protect their tiny feet no matter their age. Plus, tiny shoes are adorable! If they are expecting a boy, go for something a little more mannish. And, if they are expecting a girl, go for something pink and shiny. It is not rocket science, but it will make all of the difference in the long-run.

A Personalized T-shirt

You can put anything on a personalized t-shirt, which makes them a blank slate. An easy but effective message is something like ‘My Mom Is Awesome!’ or something along those lines. If that slogan doesn’t float your boat, visit Zoey's Attic for ideas and designs. A t-shirt is a nice idea because it is a constant reminder of your gift. Gifts should be something that is functional and fun, just like personalized clothing.

A Photo Album

With the new arrival on the way, the doting couple may lose sight of the past. Although no one wants to live in the past, it is always nice to remember the good times. Thanks to a photo album, they can always remember their life before the baby. And, you can leave space towards the end so that they can create new memories with the new arrival. All you have to do is get hold of a photo album and a collection of old pictures that you can put in the book. There is no better gift than a thoughtful one that doesn’t cost a fortune!

A BabyBjorn

Okay, what is a BabyBjorn? A BabyBjorn is a baby carrier that you see lots of parents wearing. They are an awesome piece of Swedish engineering that makes going out with a little one ten times easier. Instead of pushing a pram around all day, the mother can strap the BabyBjorn to the front and fit the child comfortably inside. The great thing is that it is also comfortable for the wearer. You can bet that almost every new mother will secretly wish that someone buys them one of these gifts. Go on, make their wish a reality.

A Baby Bag

Babies may only be small, but they need a lot of stuff. Instead of adding to their stuff, give them something that will help them carry it around. Without a baby bag, the mom won’t be able to leave the house without the fear of leaving something essential behind. Thanks to a bag, they can go about their normal lives with their young child in tow.


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