Sunday, November 8, 2015

Can you still recall the excitement you felt when you were a kid and had a new box of crayons? Wasn't it an exciting time? Didn't you grab your coloring books and immediately immersed yourself in your own little world of creativity?

I miss that time in my life. Growing up, earning a college degree, raising kids and making a living has taken so much of the child in me. I can still vividly remember that time that my 5th grade teacher entered my drawing in a school contest. It was a drawing of a little girl on the beach making a sand castle. That little girl was me, living my dream. Bragging aside, that drawing won 2nd place in our school's art contest. 

Now that I am middle age, and all my three kids are young adults, I have rekindled my love for the finer things in life - Art.  I used to search the web for free downloadable sheets that I can use. I am thankful that Art Therapy Collection coloring books are now available. No more downloading. No more printing! I went out to buy my coloring supplies - colored pencils, markers, crayons. And I am happy!

Adult coloring books are not only a past time activity, but it is a form of therapy that offers a lot of health benefits.

Did you know that it can help us maintain fine motor skills? Yes it does! The intricate patterns keep our hands and eyes focused on the task to color within the lines. 

Another benefit is that it relieves us of stress. Spending quiet time concentrating on our "art masterpiece" allows us to focus more and relax our minds, therefore getting rid of the stress factors surrounding us, even if it is only temporary. We all know that when we are free from stress, our bodies can heal itself, so we sleep better, and eat better. Relaxation can help reduce incidence of migraine headaches and lower blood pressure.

All that benefits from a simple activity we enjoyed as a child! 

I am enjoying this new type of therapy to relieve myself of stress. I love Art therapy and you should try it too. I know you'd like to take up this hobby too, and to help you start your creative journey, here's a tip - you can now subscribe and receive Art Therapy Collection coloring books monthly!

Happy coloring!


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