Friday, October 30, 2015

A Wish Granted: Butterfly Photography

I have always wanted to get a good photograph of a butterfly. I have attempted to do so several times in the past but they always turned out blurry. The butterflies were too swift for my shutter finger.

All I could do was to be patient and wait for that wish to come true.

Yesterday, I got my wish. I was able to photograph a beautiful Lime butterfly (Papilio demoleus). I was able to get not just one, but four photos! 

Isn't it pretty? I was surprised to get up-close pictures of such an elusive creature! I got clear details of its markings and the fine hairs on its back. Its eyes and antennae were things to marvel at.

I was just awe-struck at this beautiful butterfly that I did not care to be standing outside in the hot 36C noon-day sun, snapping away at my camera, capturing this once in a lifetime experience.

Soon as I was satisfied with my shots, I felt something strange.

Then I realized that the poor thing was dead.

Laying on the street, beautiful but lifeless. 

Its wings spread out wide, just like it would be when in flight. 

Its beauty will forever be immortalized in these photos.

Goodbye, my little butterfly. Thank you for the wish granted.


  1. These butterfly photos are so beautiful. I love how detailed their wings are.

  2. Congrats on finally getting those photos. They are awesome! I've also been trying to get clear photos of this elusive beauty. I guess i really have to be patient.

  3. Wow what some stunning photos, I have to admit I was thinking how close did it let you get - poor little butterfly. x

  4. So cool that you were able to get such a great picture!!

  5. How beautiful. I absolutely love butterflies!

  6. Your photography is beautiful. You've chosen a wonderful object to capture and you've done it well.


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