Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Mother's Thoughts on Same Sex Marriage

On my commute home from work, the bus driver and his friend were engaged in a lively chat. Since I was sitting behind the driver, I could not help but listen in to their conversation.

They were talking about homosexuality. Here is what I remembered from their conversation:

Bus Driver: "Buddy, haven't you noticed that there are so many homosexuals nowadays?"

Friend: "You're right. When we were young, there were very few who were openly gay. Maybe there were a lot more, but they kept it to themselves."

Bus Driver: "They call themselves 'The Third Sex' and I don't understand that. So, is it now 'Male,' 'Female' and 'Undetermined?' Its confusing. Can you imagine babies being born labeled as 'Undetermined?'

(heads shaking)

Bus Driver: "Now, they are even getting married! I don't know about you, buddy, but, as far as I know, marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman, whether it is consecrated in a church or in a civil ceremony. How can a marriage be consummated if they are of the same sex?"

Friend: "I actually feel sorry for them. I mean, they usually get discriminated against. Sometimes people avoid them, thinking they have AIDS. But then, nobody was born to be homosexual. It was their choice, and their parents and society tolerated it. If you had a son who's gay, how would you deal with it?"

Bus Driver: "Well, here's the thing, buddy. If you spend enough time with your children, you would already notice it early on. Then we can correct the behavior. But of course, we cannot be with our children 24 hours. The wrong company of friends may have a big influence. If he does turn out gay, I will accept him. He is still my son. He can wiggle his hips all he wants, as long as he will not sleep with another man."

Friend: "You're right. Same with lesbians. As parents, we can guide them to do the right thing. Make them realize that marriage also entails procreation and responsibility. Homosexuals, in their old age, can be the loneliest people. They will have no children to raise and nurture. If they ever adopt, then what kind of role models will they be?"

Bus Driver: "Exactly. But who are we to judge, buddy? It all boils down to choices. They opted to live their lives that way. It is a sin, yes. Just like what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah in biblical times. But we are also with sin. We gamble, we do not help the needy, we lie, we cheat. We are sinners too. So which sin is worse? 

Friend: "I have no idea, buddy. I have no idea."

And so their conversation turns to talking about the traffic, the weather, and politics. I was about two blocks away from my bus stop. When I got off the bus, that conversation really hit me.

My faith has me going totally against this same sex marriage. Look, I am a Christian. I was born and raised a Catholic and educated in the best Catholic institutions. These are my beliefs and these are what I stand for: That marriage is between a man and a woman; and that there is no "third sex." Homosexuality is a choice. That God made Adam and Eve, not Adam, Eve and Steve.

Now that same sex marriage has been legalized in all the 50 states, the world rejoices with slogans such as "Love Wins," "Equality Wins," "Fight For Love" and others. The LGBT community is ecstatic about the legal rights that will be accorded to the couples who would seal their relationship in a civil ceremony. My opinion? If they really want legal rights, they can simply write down their every wish in a document, like a last will, have it notarized and kept in a safe place. They can name their beneficiaries, their legal executors, and divide their properties as they wish in the event that one would pass away.

Why am I so upset about this? I am upset because I am concerned about moral decadence. How are parents going to raise their children in a society that will openly accept same sex couples publicly showing signs of affection? The only option left is to strengthen the family, raise the children in a way that is morally right, and to turn to God when faced with temptation. I do not want to judge, because I have also sinned against God. 

However, I do have friends who are openly gay. I have a cousin who is also gay and he married his long time boyfriend. They have been together for several years, living a quiet life in Europe. I do not condemn them, because, again, it is their choice. They make sure that they are discreet in showing signs of affection and act like the best of friends just enjoying each others' company while traveling the world. That I can deal with. Not because he is my cousin, but because he and his partner both show moral responsibility not to offend others who are heterosexual.

As long as same sex marriages are kept as civil unions, maybe it is okay. (Although I cringe at pictures of same sex couples kissing) If these couples stay discreet so as not to corrupt the minds of the younger generation, then that would be even better. And as long as the state does not force the church to officiate a same sex wedding, that would be BEST. 

I can go on rambling about this issue for years and years, however, I know I have to stop somewhere. My apologies, I just really needed a channel to express my thoughts and feelings. 

For those whom I have offended, I am sorry. 
I believe that I too, am entitled to my own opinion.


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