Thursday, May 7, 2015

Of Little Girls and Big Friendships

Real friends are hard to find and when you do, it is definitely a relationship you would want to keep for a lifetime. You know one more thing that is equally as beautiful? It is never losing contact with friendships you made in kindergarten and grade school. I am thankful for technology and of course, Facebook, which made me find my former classmates.

My Kindergarten class picture. Maryknoll College, 1970
I am in the second row, the 6th girl from the left

I treasure this picture so much and I have reconnected with most of these girls who are now also mothers (and grandmothers). I love viewing pictures of their families and I am happy for what they have grown up to be.

One of my grade school classmates, (not in the photo above because she was in a different section), is a very good and well established writer. She has a weekly column in a newspaper and is a proud mom of two children. I am a fan of hers, and two days ago, I ordered her third book. It came in the mail today and I just can't put it down. It is such a good book that speaks from the depths of a mother's heart. 

Cathy writes so beautifully and I dream of someday being able to reach at least 10% of what she has accomplished. I am proud that once upon a time, I sat in the same classroom with her. 

Her book, "Heart On My Sleeve" is a collection of some of her best articles in "Roots and Wings," her Sunday column of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The last part of the book is a short story entitled "Letter from Heaven," is a memoir of her son, Migi, whom she lost when he was just four years old.

If you are looking for a good read this Mother's Day, "Heart On My Sleeve" is one that you'd absolutely love.

Thank you Cathy for sharing your wisdom and talent. Looking forward to your next book.

About the author:
Cathy S. Babao has always worn her heart on her sleeve. Mother, author, grief coach and educator. She writes a Sunday column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled "Roots and Wings" and has written two books, "Heaven's Butterfly," a children's book on grief; and "Between Loss and Forever" which is about Filipina mothers on the grief journey, a 2012 National Book Award Nominee in the non-fiction category. In her other life, she is a communications manager for a multinational health care company. Email her at


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