Saturday, May 23, 2015

I have been having lots of thoughts about growing old, looking back on what I have accomplished and on what I have missed. I read somewhere that if you visualize your goals every day, you will someday achieve them. Years ago, I watched that movie, "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It was a good movie, except I did not like the part that both of them were dying.

It is a nice thing to do, to list all those things you would want to accomplish before you get old (or die, as in the movie), however, in this day and age, when money is tight, I guess only millionaires would qualify to make bucket lists.

So I decided to not make a bucket list. I will make a "Wish List With No Regrets If Left Unaccomplished." It will be my version of a poor-man's bucket list. It is free to dream, so here I go!

My Wish List With No Regrets If Left Unaccomplished

In the evening of my life...
  • I wish to reside in a simple but sturdy house near a beach. I love the sun, sand and sea and I absolutely adore the sunset.
  • I wish to be an accomplished writer
  • I wish to be able to live comfortably until it is time to go
  • I wish to grow old watching sunsets with my hubby, with our very own "his and hers" walking canes.
  • I wish to see my children all financially stable and successful. I would love to have lots of grandchildren too.
  • I wish to have my own Ford F150 Raptor before I am too old to drive.
  • I wish to visit Batanes, Palawan, Sagada, and Camiguin.
  • I wish, (if my finances would cover it) to spend a year vacationing in Europe and the United States.
These are only 8 wishes, but who knows? I may add more to my wish list depending on how my life evolves. It has been a wild ride, this journey called life, but I'm pretty sure I'll keep truckin,' keep loving, keep living. It is a legacy I can be proud to call mine. 

Live simply, stay happy, fight for what you feel is right, share the love, and never forget to thank God for all He has given you.


  1. Those are simple wishes and some of them are my wishes, too. I want to have a house near a beach, I wish to be able to live comfortably until it is time to go and most of all, I want to see my children all financially stable and successful.

  2. Your bucket list is definitely doable. God willing and with His continuous guidance and blessing everything is possible :-)

  3. We share the first 5 wishes. And I believe we will accomplish it sis. About the travel, wish I can visit Egypt and Israel before I finally closes my eyes.

  4. you do have a quite some unaccomplished list in your bucket list that maybe someday when there are still time you'll be able to accomplish them.

  5. Oh, I'd love to live a comfortable life, too, when I'm old and grey and to see my son having a successful life and a happy family life. I hope some, if not all, of our dreams will come true.


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