Thursday, May 21, 2015

It All Starts With A Good Mouthpiece

I love listening to jazz and classical music. It relaxes me and takes me to a place in my mind where everything is calm and perfect. Wind instruments and the violin are my favorite jazz and classical music instruments. Most modern day artists are saxophonists, however, we must not forget the beautiful sound a clarinet makes.

Did you know that aside from the precise finger work needed to play beautiful music on the clarinet, the mouthpiece also plays an important part in the quality of sound that is produced? It is true! An enthusiast can very well distinguish the kind of mouthpiece used on a clarinet by simply listening to the strength, focus and timbre of the sound.

If you are a clarinetist, or you know of someone who is, or simply one who appreciates music, a great mouthpiece guide will help you to choose what to use for the sound and type of music you would want to create and hear. Today's world is full of crazy, loud music and I, for one, would really appreciate budding artists in the field of jazz and classical music.

Still at a loss of what a clarinet is? Watch this video of an artist playing Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee."


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