Sunday, November 23, 2014

One More Pat on the Back

Last week, during our Monthly Team Update meeting at work, I was awarded a certificate for receiving the Highest KPI Direct Results for the third quarter of this year. Another feather in my cap? Uhhh... I hate to look at it that way. I just happened to do what I needed to do. My peers are equally as talented, however, I could have just bested them out by a few points.

I am not an under-achiever, I don't mean it that way. However, at this point in time, I think I have already proven my worth in the industry. There are a whole bunch of people a lot younger than me. These people have their whole future ahead of them and I would be happy to see them succeed. 

The Certificate
The Perks - A Starbucks Gift Card
Anyway, just sharing with you a piece of my life, just one day that made me feel good inside, one more recognition, one more pat on the back, another job well done.

The Quality Assurance Team  (can you find me? haha.)
Blessed Sunday, everyone!

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