Monday, November 17, 2014

I have lost two pounds since I last saw my endocrinologist. That was a little over a week ago. I have shunned rice and replaced it with a slice of bread or flax seed crackers. My alternate carbohydrate source is boiled plantains. I am eating more vegetables now than I ever did. It sometimes makes me feel like I am turning into a goat, eating all those green leafy vegetables! I take a fiber drink twice a day. I read that Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of health benefits, like lowering cholesterol, helping in weight loss and reduces blood sugar levels. I mix a drink made of 8 ounces of water and two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar which I take after breakfast.  

As part of my exercise plan, I now walk a lot. I got myself a hula hoop. I haven't used it in a few days though because my sides still hurt from the first time I used it. (I think I overdid it). I had high hopes on lowering my blood glucose levels with the increased dosage of pills. However, I think I really need another appointment with my doctor. My blood sugar levels were still very much elevated, despite having an empty belly. I was falling into the vicious cycle of diabetes management. Stress again set in, brought about  by my daily blood glucose readings and the cost of the medication. I was spending Php 655.00 for five days worth of pills. 

I emailed my doctor, provided her updates regarding my weight and sugar levels. I told her honestly, I am getting so frustrated with myself. The only good thing is that I did lose some weight. I do not want to get to the point that I would have kidney or liver damage, or a bad heart, or lose a leg! I needed to be healthy.

Tomorrow, I will be getting a new prescription from my doctor. She will start me on a combination of insulin and pills. She said I only have to use insulin until such time that my blood glucose levels go down to "acceptable" levels. I hope this time I will be on my way to health. My doctor will be writing me a prescription for the Lantus insulin pen. This device encourages patient compliance because of the conveniece of administering the dose. The "pen" is pre-filled with insulin and works pretty much like the lancing device of a glucometer. The needles are so fine that it would be so close to being painless. One more thing is that I only have to use it once a day. The price is only Php 858.00 for a pen containing 100 units. I would still be saving money with it and maybe this time I would lower my blood sugar levels from 9.8 to something around the normal range of 4.5-6.3.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. What a journey this is!


  1. Whah, we have a similar diet pala sis. I refrain from drinking RC and the likes and have to go with small portion of rice. Sana, huwag ka ng mag-insulin.

  2. It's really hard when you think that you will soon enough be depending on a medication for life, we all wish that we have done something right at the beginning to prevent things from happening..however, we can hopefully get it off if we choose to have find a much healthier lifestyle.

  3. I have a friend who take insulin regularly. I wish you great health sis. Wish magkapitbahay tayo so we could exercise together hehehe.

  4. I hope that you feel a lot better soon Sis. Apple cider indeed has a lot of health benefits especially if it is organic. Congrats on losing two pounds.

  5. I have many family members who take insulin. I wish you good health. Apple cider has many benefits , it is also good for heart patients when mixed with other ingredients in proper ratio. My father is heart patient and is using for a long time as have very good outcomes.

  6. There's no magic pill to getting ripped instantaneously, and the best PCT aren't boosters, protein replacements, or steroids. They're just awesomely souped up multivitamins that I really like.


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