Saturday, November 8, 2014

Birthday Countdown: Day 5 ~ Today I Unleashed the Child in Me

It's the weekend. My son Aton brought home their "dorm" dog named Fang. He is a Japanese Spitz-Pomerenian mix.

Five days before my birthday, I unleashed the child in me.

All the stress and tiredness immediately left my old, earthly body when I started playing with Fang. He is such an affectionate little thing! He knows three commands so far - Sit, Lay Down, and Fetch. He absolutely loves the old stuffed toy dog that belongs to Mickey, my youngest son. 

Fang and his toy

I took him for a walk around the neighborhood and he absolutely loved the outdoors! He was so behaved and waited patiently while I was getting some things at the corner store. When we got back, he lay on the floor and did his "rub my belly" pose. So adorable! He follows me around the house, even trying to climb up the steps. He tried to imitate me when I jumped, and since he could not do it, he just let out a high pitched yelp. Haha. 

"Rub my belly!"

Having Fang home brought back memories of my childhood. We always had dogs at home, and I can still remember their names - Mightor, Gardo, Osang, Ginger, Thumbelina, Chippo and my dog I left behind in Taiwan, named Joog.  My loyal friends, my little buddies. I miss all of them. Now, we have Fang and he seems like he has something of everything of the dogs we used to have. Although it is sad that I can only have him for the weekend, I will look forward to his next visit. 

Tomorrow, I will take him with me for walks, play rough house with him, rub his belly, and give him a bath. I will cuddle him and make him sit with me while I watch t.v. 

At this time as I write, I feel like I am 10 years old again. Thank you, Fang for making me feel like a child again. It feels good to unleash the carefree, giggly, little tomboy that was me.

The "Dorm Dog" - Fang trying to grab Aton's pen while he's doing his schoolwork.


  1. Advance Happy birthday Sis :-) I wish you nothing but the best birthday ever. By the way that dog is so adorable especially grabbing the pen from your son. What a precious picture that is.

  2. I love the name Fang, he sound so sweet and playful!

  3. so adorable dorm dog they have in's nice to know that you've got the chance to hang out with him

  4. So cute naman ng 'moments' mo sis. Reminiscing those child-like days is just awesome. you have so many dogs pala in the past. We should have been neighbors back in your childhood days. I too love and owned a number of dogs.


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