Thursday, November 13, 2014

Birthday Countdown: Day 1 ~ The Greatest Blessing

One day before the big day. There is only one thing that comes to my mind. On this day, I acknowledge and give thanks for the biggest blessings I have received.


My own flesh and blood, sometimes behaving like me, some resembling me and yet totally unique and different from me.

I thank them for being in my life. They gave me pure joy when I first saw their delicate little faces. Those tiny little hands curling around my finger, their first words, first steps, their victories and their tears. I have been there through all of them. 

Words cannot describe how a mother feels to see her children grow up before her eyes. I am right now misty eyed, looking at their baby pictures and seeing them now all grown, all carving a niche in this world. 

To some, I may not have been the ideal mother, but I try my best. I may not have set a good example to my kids at some point in time, but I learned from it, and so did they. My heart bleeds when they undergo failure. As always, it is love that guides me to help them up, hold their hand and point them to the right path to take. 

Their achievements are my life's medals. In time, when they are ready to start their own families, I will be the most doting grandmother this world will ever see. Father God, I am thankful for the blessing of giving me these three beautiful, loving children.


I thank You, for leading me to the path to find Doug. He stepped in and took on the responsibility of being a father to my children when their own father turned his back and walked away. With him, I no longer have to worry about growing old alone. We'll watch sunsets together, holding hands and basking in the joy of having grandchildren around us. 

My beautiful family. My biggest blessing. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU GOD.


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