Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My job as a Quality Assurance Specialist entails listening to agents' calls and evaluating their call handling skills and adherence to policy. Aside from the keen eye for detail, we QAs have to have impeccable auditory acuity. Every whisper, every response is noted and scored. One tool that we invest in is a good headset, preferably one that drowns out external noises to allow us to concentrate only on the call. 

I searched the web for a list of the Hottest Headphones and decided on the New Blue Mo-Fi Powered High Fidelity Headphones. I read through the product specifications and although it is basically a headphone for the music lover, its features are perfect for use in my job too! The words "extreme accuracy" and "mind blowing listening experience" got me. The best thing is that it will make me save money. I do not have to buy a separate headphone for work and another for listening to my music on my cellphone. Two devices for the price of one. 

Check out these awesome features:

Work and relax using just one device. Isn't that great? I am definitely a believer!

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  1. I'm a big fan of in-ear headphones because of their small size and their close proximity to eardrums offers the potential for the highest-resolution sound quality.


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