Monday, September 8, 2014

Who would not know of the extremely popular band, One Direction? This group of 5 English-Irish boys has been consistently hitting the top of the charts. Girls swoon over them, women absolutely love them and men can relate to the lyrics of their songs. Proof of their artistry is their three albums, namely, Up All Night, Take Me Home, and Midnight Memories. The group has already bagged several awards and their are on their way to superstardom!

One Direction, or 1D, as they are more popularly known has been inspiration of #thelookscollection to come up with a unique line of make-up that every girl would want to have. The #makeupby1D Up comes in a limited edition tin case that includes everything you'd need for that perfect occasion, whether it be a night out with friends, watching a rock and roll concert, or simply being that sweet, girl next door. Perfect colors to match your mood for the day. Another great thing about it is that it also includes a 5-piece decorator stencil set that you can use to decorate yourself, your friends or your stuff. Bring out your creative side while having fun! 

Here is a peek into the contents of the three different make up kits you can choose from:

For the "Girl Next Door" Look

For the "Fun Party Girl" Look

For the "Rock and Roll Girl" Look

Now isn't that amazing! We can even get all three kits and mix and match the colors as we desire from #markwins, which is a reputable, high quality cosmetic company. Oh, the perks of being a girl! 

For more product info, go to

Want your own kit? Well, then scroll down and join their contest giveway below. So easy and no purchase required.


  1. this is interesting, i know someone who would like to join this giveaway, she loves one direction and she'll definitely going to enjoy this.

  2. I saw this one from another blog and thought how clever for a boy band to endorse a beauty like of products.

  3. what a cool giveaway...perfect for all One Direction fan!

  4. Who would have thought that a boy band would have their own make-up products? It does make sense though because their fan base are all girls and it's the perfect market for it.

    Good luck to the winner of the make-up giveaway!

  5. oh well, i am not smitten by there handomeness...hahaha...actually i dont really know them. but i heard a lot about them especially yung buying their tickets na pinilahan. good luck sa mga sasali.

  6. A perfect giveaway for One Direction fans. I love those make-up only if I know how to apply them properly. This 40 years old is clueless :-)

  7. Those 1D make-up kits above are perfect gifts for family and friends this Christmas. I know someone who adores makeup and One Direction. I'll tell her to join your giveaway.

  8. This is great for those who digs for 1D.. the make up kit seems nice.


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