Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wash Hands With the Right Hand Wash

Its back to school time again. Many young mothers will be sending off their little ones to Kindergarten for the first time and may feel some anxiety. During my daughter's first day in Kindergarten, I actually experienced SSA (Severe Separation Anxiety). It is a normal thing, and I am glad that both me and my daughter were able to breeze through the next few days.

Young children are very curious about their surroundings, specially in a new environment. They would pick up a curious looking stone, pet an animal or just enjoy the feeling of creating things with their hands (like mud pies and mud sculptures). 

It is in this stage that we must teach our kids the importance of hand washing. It is indeed a challenge to train kids to do a certain routine task, specially the young ones who have just gained "some sort of independence." I would say that the best way to teach kids to make hand-washing a habit is to set an example. In other words, we should "walk the talk." We can start a fun activity at home like washing hands together while singing the new song they learned in school. Educating our kids that hand washing keeps us healthy, and being healthy means having to spend more days with their friends at school. No kid wants to be left out because he/she is sick and has to stay home.

The human skin is host to numerous normal, beneficial germs/bacteria. Let me repeat that - normal and beneficial. They are usually called "the good bacteria" that helps in wound healing and prevents the growth and spread of harmful germs. It is in this light that we, as parent have to be careful in choosing a good soap to use for hand washing. The best choice would be something that is formulated to get rid of the harmful germs and yet gentle enough to maintain the skin's natural composition. A hand soap and sanitizer made from organic materials what we need.

Meet CleanWell and Say Goodbye to Germs Naturally. CleanWell is offering an innovative product that does not use harsh chemicals to kill germs. They have tapped the antiseptic property of Thyme, which has been used for the same purpose for thousands of years in the ancient civilizations. 

Now that we have found the best product to use, we must teach our child the proper way to wash hands. Using CleanWell Liquid Hand Soaps, demonstrate to your child to rub their palms together, the area in between their fingers, the back of their hands and their fingernails. 1-2 minute washing is recommended, so singing a nursery song would be a good activity to go along with the handwashing activity.

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Teaching our child that keeping our hand clean does not end at home. They should also practice this at school, during and after playtime or other activities.The CleanWell hand sanitizer is alcohol and triclosan free, kid-safe and doesn't sting. They come in a handy flip cap 1 oz. spray bottle that is easy to take anywhere. One 1 oz. spray bottle dispenses up to 200 spritz and is available in refreshing Orange Vanilla and Original (Citrus Herb) scents. Place a bottle in your child's schoolbag and rest assured that your child will stay healthy. Make them remember the phrase: CleanWell Hand Sanitzer - A Better Way to Clean Hands. Educate them to use it before meals and after play. Health is wealth!

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I am a mom to three young adults and I have made it a point to provide my children this extra protection they need.

I am encouraging my readers to do the same. For a limited time, (August 22-29, 2014 only) you can avail of a special 10% discount! Click on the link below and save 10% or click on any CleanWell banner above.

Wash and sanitize. CleanWell and be well.


  1. I have never tried this brand yet but looks very promising. Back to school is the time when kids tend to get sick all the time. Even if your kids are germ-free, other;s are not.

  2. this is a very important post to remind everyone especially those who goes to school or work in order to prevent spreading germs from one another.

  3. I hear yeah! I do have anxiety with my daughter's first full day of kindergarten. I was worried if she can handle the fast paced learning considering she was the youngest in the classroom.

  4. Honestly, never tried these product at all. We use lang kasi ordinary bath soap.

  5. Cleanliness at home and in school is very important. That's why I make it a point to have my son wash his hands with soap frequently and to use hand sanitizers or wipes if washing is not possible. Is this hand wash brand available in supermarkets in Metro Manila?

  6. I haven't tried that brand yet but we use Anti-bac all the time and every where we go, we always have something like the Bath and Body Works Pocket bac. They're small and have key holders so you can put it in our bag or use it as a keychain.

    That looks like a nice brand to try. I hope they deliver here in Dubai. :)

    On a different note, I'm experiencing terrible separation anxiety because my daughter is back in Manila for her tertiary education. I just cry at night and this has been going on for days. :( It's just too difficult being away from your kids and I have only one so the pain is heightened in degrees that is almost crushing my heart. Oppsss...sorry to voice my heart out. Your first paragraph pulled a heart string...

  7. I agree, I always use an anti-bacterial handwash soap, rather than the scenty one.

  8. very good point, we should not forget our friendly bacteria to fight our enemy-the bad bacteria. this sounds a very good selective soap for cleaning.

  9. Nice that this does not contain Triclosan. We also try to veer away from old school hand washes that contain toxins.

  10. I have yet to find a product like this, I have alcohol at home but not ones that the kids can carry handily....thanks for the review on this.

  11. I haven't tried any of the products mentioned above yet. Sayang tapos na ang promo.

  12. We have this hand wash in our office. Ang galing! :)


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