Friday, July 18, 2014

Typhoon Glenda: The Aftermath

16 July 2014. Typhoon Glenda (International name: "Rammasun") made landfall in the southern part of the island of Luzon. Packing 150 kph winds near the center with wind gusts of up to 195 kph, it left 54 people dead, P5.4 billion in damage to infrastructure and agriculture, and plunged the nation's capital and surrounding provinces in darkness.

I had to go to report for work on that day, since attendance compliance is such a big thing in the BPO industry. It was just starting to rain when I left home at 1:30 am. The weather started to get bad at around 6am. The wind was howling and that made it hard for me to concentrate on my work. The power fluctuated so many times until we eventually lost it.

The storm calmed down at a little past 11am. I started on my way home and what I saw really blew my mind. I work in the posh and beautiful Eastwood City and here are some pictures of the damage brought about by the storm.

The outdoor dining area in Eastwood Central Plaza

Even the heavy road signs did not stand a chance from the strong winds

Eastwood City Walk II

The outdoor dining area in Eastwood City Walk II

Tree branches and debris in front of TGI Fridays

My mom and my sister freaked out when a power transformer across their street blew up and sent sparks flying into my mom's garden. My sister called me at work and I told her to turn off the circuit breaker in the house. 

Here are some pictures I took around the neighborhood:
A big mango tree leaning on an old house in the street behind ours.

A broken tree branch hanging on a high tension wire. This is a on our street, 2 houses from where we live. 

Meralco workers were quick to respond and took the tree branch down

Here is a video I took while the storm was raging. This area is just outside our office building. 

My family and I are blessed that we weathered out the storm. My thoughts and prayers are with those who grieve the loss of a loved one, those whose homes were destroyed, and to those who are now living in evacuation centers. 

I am asking you too, my dear readers to pray for healing for my country.

Trivia: 24 years ago, on the same day, July 16, the island of Luzon was struck by a strong 7.7 earthquake that claimed thousands of lives.


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