Friday, July 11, 2014

Encourage Your Child To Love Reading With Early Moments

Reading to our children is one of the best bonding activities we can have with them. Reading to toddlers
will enhance their ability to learn the language by associating the sounds with the objects. Creative ideas come forth through reading too. Teaching them to love books is a good habit that they will take with them until they are grown adults.

In line with this wonderful time we parents share with our children, Early Moments is offering Disney Books for just 99¢ each plus free shipping! High quality, hard cover editions at 80% off the regular price. They are currently offering the Lion King and Sleeping Beauty for 99¢ each plus you get to choose two (2) more for the same price. Now which little girl would not want her very own copy of Frozen?

Check out #Early Moments here. See the smiles, love the hugs. Enjoy the priceless moments you and your child will share.


  1. We're done with this stuff. But I'll share na lang your post sa daughter ko.

  2. I remember the time my little bro was sent 6 hardbound Dr Seuss books in the mail! It was terrific! Can totally imagine the same kind of excitement each time you get a copy.

  3. This is a great deal and a great way to encourage our little ones to read. Right now, my son's preoccupied with his school textbooks, though.

  4. I've found my love for books when I graduated high school. How I wish I was introduced to books when I was still young by my parents. Too bad, we were not so fortunate back then to afford a book.

    This one sounds like a great deal. I will try this for my younger siblings.


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