Thursday, July 3, 2014

Created With Love, Filled with Hope

I find fulfillment in sharing my time and talent to help others in need. We have brothers and sisters in other lands that are trying their best to make a living for themselves with the raw materials they have at hand. I applaud the people who support these livelihood projects and provide them a chance to market their products on a global scale.

This is exactly why I am supporting ApiHappi. This group of individuals are doing their best to support native residents of Sri Lanka who produce wonderful hand loom materials that they use to make trendy, stringy bags. 

What exactly is hand loom? By definition, it is a manually operated apparatus used to create or weave fabric. Women in Sri Lanka use this to make an authentic piece of fabric that ApiHappi purchases. The designs and colors of the fabric the Sri Lankan women weave are just amazing!

The company, ApiHappi believes that providing the hand loomers with a steady income is better than charity. A market for their products would ensure a sustainable livelihood for Sri Lankan women. Another commendable project of ApiHappi is that they donate one (1) school bag to a child in rural Sri Lanka for every purchase of their product!

If you want to have a one of a kind stringy bag made from authentic hand loom fabric, make sure to check them out For only $29.99, you not only get the chance to own a cute, trendy bag, you also help bring livelihood to the women of Sri Lanka plus you get to help them donate a school bag to a child in the rural areas. Livelihood and support for education can go a long way. 

They have also partnered with Cohado in Baltimore, Maryland to give the youth an opportunity to sell Sri Lankan products. They aim to create an east-west connection that would continually benefit both the local producers and their partners in Baltimore.

Click here to check out their website and grab this chance to support our drive to make this world a better place for everyone.


  1. These are the kind of products that is worth every cent you pay!

  2. Somewhat similar to Batik weaving. You are a Good Samaritan. sana dumami pa ang lahi mo sis.

  3. The products are beautiful. These hand loomers are talented.

  4. Such a good Samaritan, the bag is very nice. It is perfect for summer wear in the US.

  5. Love the bag! It's worth every penny to support such a great cause!


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