Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Picnic Must Have: Snug Fit Table Covers

Picnics and family gatherings are always something to look forward to. I loved it as a child, I love it even more as an adult. Every Christmas, me and my family all gather together in our grandmother's house for a potluck lunch. It is so much fun to be with my cousins and meet the new baby of the family or congratulate another who is expecting a child. 

We usually put out a long table in the garden for the sumptuous lunch. The biggest challenge, however  is finding a table cloth. With young kids running around, we have to make sure that no one trips over the table cloth.

This year, my cousins and I will be using a spandex stretch table cover. It fits snugly on our long table, which is one of its the best features. Made of 100% real spandex material, we can be assured that it won't rip at the seams. Functional, wrinkle free and reasonably priced. 

The color choices are tops too! With 20 different color choices, we can be assured of having the right color for the right occasion. I love the hunter colored 4 sided regular back closed style. I would love to have one in red color too. So Christmasey! 

Get yours too and have a worry free picnic or family gathering! Works well to for your child's crafting table!


  1. I hope they'll make some printed designs :) I would like to have that in chevron stripes.

  2. Seems like a pretty interesting product. It's nice that it comes in different colors. Have you actually tried using it so we can see a sample? I looked at the site and I can't seem to find the smaller sizes. Is it easy to clean? I always have parties and I think this looks nice too.

  3. covers are always a life saver, makes our space more clean and less mess... thanks for sharing.

  4. in colour red would be nice indeed! more like christmasey with that colour. i am planning to get one of the table covers too soon

  5. I love the idea of a snug fit cover, you don't have to worry about sliding pr being blown away by the wind.

  6. Wow! this is good too for magic shows.. Just kidding, pero sana may mga printed design naman.


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