Monday, June 2, 2014

Tasty Treats For A Cause

Have you ever wondered how treats, snacks and chocolate from another country taste like? Did you ever come across these goodies in a grocery store but did you were not sure if you'd be satisfied with the taste? Are you willing to spend thousands of dollars just to go abroad to sample these treats?

Its time to put an end to your worries and satisfy your cravings. At Taste For Sweets, you will get your own box of curated snacks and treats from around the world delivered to your doorstep monthly. The company has a team of travelers and food enthusiasts that put these snacks together and assure the recipient of discovering new and pleasant tastes from countries you wish you could visit. It is a whole new experience for your palate to enjoy and for your family and friends as well.

Subscription for your monthly box of treats is $16, which is not bad, considering the price you'd if you'd buy these snacks per piece. Taste For Sweets also offers gift boxes that you can purchase to send to family and friends on special occasions. Whichever you choose, shipping is always free.

By purchasing a box from Taste For Sweets, you are also helping them help others in need. Every box or item purchased equates to a donation made to several non-profit organizations that are currently working to provide communities in South Asia, Africa and Central America access to safe, clean water. Think about it. While you're enjoying your snacks, you are helping someone to have safe and clean water.

Here is a bonus for you. I am giving you promo codes to avail of a big 25% discount when you sign up. (Please use all caps when typing in the promo code)

(Receive 25% OFF when signing up for the monthly subscription plans)

(Receive 25% OFF when placing an order for one of the gift box options)

Come on and start your journey of discovering wonderful, tasty treats from around the globe. Just click on the Taste for Sweets banner on the upper right side of your screen to sign up and don't forget to type in the promo code! 


  1. Those looks like a great variety of sweet treat!

  2. Have to pass on this sweets. mataas ang sugar level ko.

  3. Oh my! I would love to try any of those chocolates Sis. I hate the results too ;( I have to go to the dentist to fix my cavity...arggggggggggg Well, as long as I brush my teeth after eating them, then I do not mind ;)

  4. very nice and creative idea! i have lots of friends all over the world or those who travels a lot and send me some goodies

  5. those are a great variety that indeed are not so common that am sure one would please to have a taste of

  6. those variety for chocolate are good giveaways for holidays.

  7. Nice, eating sweet treats and helping others too!

  8. Is this only available in US or they're available for shipping worldwide? I would love to get these goodies and eat them! :D

  9. Sweets for a cause? I luv it! This is worth looking into :-)

  10. This is so nice. Everyone with sweet tooth will surely love this, especially that it's for a good cause.


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