Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Came, I Saw, I Sverve

"Unleash your social verve with Sverve." Catchy phrase and they indeed got me to sign up with them.

Sverve helps female influencers (that's you!) and brands to meet and create/share content about products and services. Sverve helps you manage your social media influence more effectively by providing a platform where in you can highlight you areas of expertise. What's even better is you get recognized for your effort and get paid for it as well. 

Simply share your views, opinions and experience on your blog, Twitter and Facebook. Get connected with big name brands and non-profit humanitarian groups. Let your creative juices flow!

I am proud to say that Sverve helped me hone my talent in writing and for that, I am thankful I found them.

Interested to have a more rewarding writing/blogging career? Sign up now with Sverve! Click on their logo on the sidebar to take you to their sign up page. Type in a comment below with your name and I will be one of your first endorsers! 

Sverve. Empowering Women. 


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