Saturday, June 28, 2014

Health Foods: Fad or Fact?

In today's market, there are so many food, food supplements, or gadgets that claim to be health boosters, healing ingredients, or aids to extract essential nutrients.  Are they real? Or are they just a fad?

Here are 5 "new" things that are said to help us have a healthier life.

1. Infused Water.
Have you seen people lugging around a bottle of water with lemon slices in it? Well, this new thing called infused water is said to be healthy because of the added Vitamin C in your drinking water. However, this would not work for everybody. I tried this concoction for a few days but then it gave me too much acid in my stomach. I went back to drinking clean, cold water and got my Vitamin C from other sources instead. It started with lemon-infused water. Now, there are all sorts of infused water - orange, cucumber, mint, okra!

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2. Juicing
I am a believer in food fiber and its healthy benefits. I eat a lot of whole fresh fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, a juicing machine is doing all the work for us. Pop in a few fruits, some vegetables, and you'll have a glass of the extract. Sometimes it may taste good, but sometimes it doesn't. I admire the technology and the convenience a juicing machine can provide. However, I personally prefer the pleasure of having those yummy vegetables and fruits in my mouth. I love the feel of the different textures and the burst of flavor they provide, something a drink from a juicing machine cannot give me.

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3. Stevia
This is a newly discovered sugar substitute, extracted from the Stevia plant that grows in abundance in South America. Studies have shown that the extract is so potent that you only need a teaspoon of Stevia extract to have the same sweetness as a cup of granulated sugar. If Stevia extract would start to be commercially produced in large amounts, I wonder if diabetics like me could use it as a sweetener? I will wait and see.

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4. Espresso Machines
People used to be content with a steaming hot cup of brewed coffee, however, the coffee industry has introduced other ways to enjoy the brew. Espresso machines are now a part of the household, a valued gadget in the kitchen. One can have creamy latte in a push of a button. Health benefits? You get your caffeine boost at any time you desire. No more trips to the coffee shop. Does it help us save on gas? I guess, but it can throw your budget off track because the mixes are not cheap. Health and convenience with a price.

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5. Tea
Green, White, Yellow, Black. Oolong, Jasmine, Ginger, Seven Herbs, Chamomile. There is an endless list of available teas in the market that I have lost count. I get confused with all the claims of health benefits! One kind of tea for every ailment? I love tea, Period. I don't care what kind of plant the tea came from. I just love the aroma!

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Have you read or any other new health boosting plant? Probably a new kitchen gadget that helps you get that nutrient you need? Share your story with me.


  1. Great post! I've really gotten into exploring the many flavours of tea. I love herbal teas, and the one that I currently crave is Earl Grey de la creme infused with coneflower petals. I also enjoy water with some citrus such a slice of lemon, lime, or orange, but not to the point where it would become acidic.

  2. I love this post because I'm into healthy eating just not fads. I think if you don't about health and the benefits you get from eating healthy you will fall for anything. Now I'm a big lover of tea. I like it all and yes some has good health benefits but basically I drink it for pleasure.

  3. Whether if they're just a fad or not I think that the important thing here is that more people are paying more attention to being healthy. I have to admit I also tried the lime infused water because I've been reading a lot about it in different blogs and social media networks. Just like you it did not work for me that well either. I don't know if I was supposed to completely replace clean water with it but that's what I did and it was just too much for me so I stopped drinking it regularly. I still drink lime infused water whenever I feel like I ate too much because it really helps with my bowel movement. Tea on the other I've been a fan of ever since I was young. I'm pretty sure it does have some healthy benefits but I'm drinking it primarily because I find it soothing and helps me get rid of stress.


  4. true, there are just certain things that won't work of each person's body, that's why we have options to choose what and which one to use that works best for us.

  5. Hubby and I drink lemon water everyday. It's a bummer that it gave you so much acid.

  6. I see, so that was the reason why the sliced lemon was lugged around a glass or bottle. i thought it was just an ornament there. Anyways, true that some things work on the other but not to the other one eh, just finds which suits you best though. I love tea too no matter what flavor. :)

  7. Okay, I'll enumerate everything in here.. hehe! :D

    1.) Infused drink is something that I would love to drink everyday especially if it really benefits my body then I would continue to drink. I have no problems with it though.

    2.) Juicing would be something that I would love to do when I just want to drink the juice and I could add a syrup to have a sweet taste or improve the taste of the juice.

    3.) Stevia would be a great substitute to sugar. I've tried it once and it was indeed sweet but a healthier option compared to sugar.

    4.) Espresso at home would save me lots of money and would help to boost my energy and senses whenever I need to.

    5.) Tea is something I would love to drink every single day but the milk tea is really my favorite drink to consume everyday.

    And oh, thanks for this post! :D

  8. I'd like to try lemon infused water and see if it works with me. I drink green tea too, lots of health benefits plus it's refreshing :)

  9. I've tried lemon-infused water twice already, but I still prefer sweetened lemonade because it tastes so much better than simply mixing lemon slices in drinking water.


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