Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tasty Treats with Healthy Benefits

It is a fact that not all oils are bad. There are natural oils from plants and animal sources that provide a lot of health benefits. One of these are cod liver oil (fish oil) that has been known for centuries for its healing properties. Fish oil contain Omega 3 fatty acids that help raise the level of high density lipoproteins (HDL) in the blood.

Omega3 Innovations offers products with a high grade of  full spectrum oil in its natural composition. They have changed the conventional practice of popping a soft gel capsule of fish oil into your mouth to get your daily dose of omega-3. Now we can enjoy all the benefits of omega 3 fish oil by indulging in their Omega cookie or Omega Passion Chocolate Truffle. Now how good is that?

The Omega Cookie comes in chocolate chip, ginger raisin, cranberry or tropical flavor, specially formulated to contain less sugar than an apple. Each cookie contains essential nutrients like Vitamin D3, calcium, gluten free oat fiber and omega-e fatty acids (equivalent to 7 regular fish oil capsules worth of omega-3)

Chocolate lovers can likewise enjoy the health benefits of omega-3 in tasty treats aptly named Omega Passion and Omega Heaven. Both contain fish oil, beta glucan oat fiber and antioxidants.

Have I hyped up your urge to start making healthy choices? Don't forget to check out Omega Cure too. It is the world's finest, natural full spectrum fish oil. Neutral tasting and can be mixed with fruit juice, salad dressings, yogurt, etc. Take the right dose daily and marvel at the amazing changes in your joints. Pretty soon, you'll get that full range of motion back. Your skin, eyes, brain, and heart would benefit from it too.

We only have one body, one life, one chance. Invest in your health and your family will thank you immensely for it.


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